History Channel “pickers” coming to New York State in search of the rare & unusual

Got a barn or basement full of all manner of miscellany? Know someone who does?

This could be your time to shine: The History Channel program “American Pickers” will be coming to New York State next month.

Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz and their team are antique “pickers” who crisscross the country in a box truck visiting private collectors and making them offers on their antiques. The show consists of watching the two navigate large, often dusty collections and zero in on items of (sometimes surprising) value, followed by some some good-natured dickering, interspersed with interviews with the collectors explaining how and why they came to hoard… er, collect so many items.


Anyone interested can reach the producers at 1-855-OLD-RUST (653-7878) or AmericanPickers@cineflix.com.