Letter: Affordable housing projects a “plague” on Saugerties

Saugerties residents…haven’t you had enough and don’t you think it’s time to rise up and speak against the few “Townies and Old Timers” who are turning Saugerties into a s–t hole and we all know who they are. They truly don’t care and it’s all about the money and “who” they continue to rent to.

We are fast becoming “Newburgh North” and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what’s going on everyday…just pay attention to the local newspaper. The housing project that is going up in Glasco…who and what do you think is going to be moving into those places?

Something else to consider, our schools. With all this “element” moving into Saugerties, have you ever considered what effect this all has on our schools and educational process? The people who are being dumped into the school system are not the students seeking to better themselves and a lot come from living situations where there is absolutely no incentive to work and better yourself but just to collect welfare. Wake up before it’s too late. We all have a problem and a plague that is taking over Saugerties and it’s being seen in the rise of crime-drugs and violence…great!


Bob Lippman


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  1. Brian B. Saugerties, NY

    Just for fun I read this letter as if the author was (and assuming he wasn’t) talking about minorities. Makes you wonder where we’re at as a society.

    Our current administration is pushing tax breaks for the wealthy across the board while encouraging the rest of us to blame poor people for all our problems. Dark money buys elections to push the super rich agenda while the middle and lower classes continue to lose. Sad.

  2. Andy Parker

    As a history buff, Bob knows that Saugerties has a long history of intolerance. Maybe he’s just honoring that heritage?

    From Catskill Culture: “Simon Epstein started a jewish boardinghouse in Saxton in 1889, but was faced with an anti-Semitic riot. Four years later, he moved his resort to Hunter, calling it the Grandview House and beginning the Jewish outpost in the Hunter and Tannersville area.”

  3. JP

    Well Brian, I didn’t see anywhere that Bob brought up the current administration, but it’s plain to see that you and Andy are both bleeding heart liberals. Meanwhile, keep voting the current local politicians in and let your taxes continue to climb, watch the crime rate rise, and stand by proudly as your community changes. Bob is not wrong, just ask one of your local policeman how they feel. They’re job is becoming more and more overwhelming, and they rarely see a slow day at work.

    1. nope

      Actually, JP, it is not the current local administration it is property owners and landlords who determine what use they put their rental properties toward. If want to compare apples, one could argue that a ‘liberal’ mayor in a nearby town is creating the exact opposite of what you so widely and lazily reference. That ‘liberal’ mayor has a major bridge reconstruction coming in months early and way under-budget, has at least two boutique hotels in the approvals process in his downtown, has at least 35 new small locally owned businesses opened in the past two years as new comers flock to his community and we are in fact seeing it grow, rehabilitate, and tens of millions of dollars of outside investment come into town. (All this, while I remind you, the big rich white corporation that fled this town was THE problem that started a decades long slide downward.)

      So, while it is so much easier for lazy people to blame ‘lliberals’ I’ll put one hand on each of your shoulders, give you a little shake to wake you up, and remind you that the GOP is 100% in control now – and ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that goes wrong, that you happen to not like is their responsibility. And that if you look deep into ANY GROWTH and POSITIVE INVESTMENT that has taken place in Ulster County in the past 15-years it is almost ALL DONE BY THE DREADED ‘LIBERALS’…a badge we wear with honor and that we know can produce economic and social results.

      For you, my child, just wait until those ‘elements’ in Saugerties are not living in public housing, but living on the street once their health care access is stripped away by the GOP. Did you know that layoffs are up
      double-digits across the nation since the current administration took office?

  4. Jp

    Well nope, you put your hands on my shoulders, and you’ll surely have no hands left to speak of. Aside from your dream of living in the perfect liberal society, my taxes have gone up 4 fold under your dream. My healthcare costs have gone up from $500/ month to $1800/month. I assume you do not pay taxes or pay for your healthcare, because if you did, you would wake up from your dream. Which in reality is really a nightmare. Back to the original letter that was written, obviously you have not spoken to any of the policeman, like I have stated above. If you did, you would take your small mind and listen to what Mr. Lippmann is trying to say. Crime is on the rise, that is a fact. Meanwhile, nope, keep drinking the koolaid!

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