‘Speed dating’ event matches shelter pups with people

If you are in the market for a sweet, well-trained dog and are wondering where to start, why not start this Sunday with a “doggie speed dating” event to find your “pawfect” match? Sunday, June 4, from 1-3 p.m., the Armadillo Bar & Grill on Abeel Street will have dogs from the Ulster County SPCA in the house for single or family suitors to spend time with.

There will be a complimentary cocktail, as well as treats for those with and without tails, according to Armadillo owner and dog enthusiast Merle Borenstein. Each person or family who attends will get to spend time with each dog to see if there is any canine chemistry. Each dog will offer their potential suitor a printed card with their information on it. People are not allowed to bring their own dogs to this event.

“There will be adoption applications and counselors there, in case anyone is interested,” said Borenstein. “The applications have to be approved, so no one can take home a dog from the event.  There could be an adoption within one or two days, if everything checks out.”


The mixer will have seven to a dozen dogs, all mixed breeds. “They make sure they are bringing good-behavior dogs, and check them out and they have some training, so it will be good.” Gina Carboneri, vice-president of the UCSPCA board of directors and a professional dog trainer, will be bringing the dogs with her, so they’re in good hands.

The UCSPCA is honoring Borenstein for her work and efforts for animal rescue, along with Dr. Michael Halstead and Lorene Oakes, the night before on June 3, at the “Spay-Ghetti” dinner at the Best Western Plus.

“[Dog rescue] is just a part of my heart,” said Borenstein of her passion and devotion to the cause. “The unconditional love, the loyalty and the trust of dogs is something that the worst and most inhumane treatment cannot wipe out. It is not possible to turn one’s back on an innocent creature in need. I do it because I could not live with myself otherwise.”

UCSPA adoption fees are $175, and the application can also be found on their website.  For more information about the doggie speed-dating event, contact Borenstein at Armadillo Bar & Grill at (845) 331-1550. For more information about the Spay-Ghetti dinner, or for information on how to adopt, call (845) 331-5377 or visit ucspca.org.