Letter: Our future is being stolen from us and given to the military

(US Navy)

In government there is spending that is mandatory such as entitlement programs, and there is optional spending like the discretionary budget, which is for new things that come up as called for in an appropriation bill. Now before 9/11 the military’s share of the  discretionary budget was 25%. Post 9/11 the military’s share was 57%. This was a huge increase and beyond the military’s wildest expectations. They could never have imagined such an increase in military spending as indicated in the 2001 Project for New American Century document (google) detailing what they were hoping for. Yet in spite of this outrageous increase, Mr. Trump has deceived the American public into believing the military needs another 10% increase in the form of 54 billion dollars so we “can win wars.” Do the math, and that means that the military will be now getting 67% of the discretionary budget and only 33% for the rest of all us.

Our future is being stolen from us and given to the military. They already spend more on the military than all the rest of the major powers put together. We have nuclear weapons to blow the world up many times over. When will the American people finally wake up and realize our wealth is being hijacked and sent through a massive network of weapons  manufacturers invested in by politicians who are ripping us off with exorbitant prices. This is what  he Military Industrial Complex is. This is what the war on terror is fomenting. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen were no threat to us yet we are waging war on them creating the need for more weapons. Please don’t tell me 9/11 is the reason for all of this. One may not comprehend the truth in my past letters on 9/11 but certainly you have to admit Saudi Arabia was instrumental in making 9/11 happen. It’s all detailed in the “27 redacted  pages” of the 9/11 Commission Report and now released to the public (google). I don’t see any war over there yet all the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. What is really going on with the War on Terror is we are killing innocent people, taking down governments, setting up puppets and getting control of the worlds resources because we can. When will the mass of  Americans wake up and speak up and stop the  madness?

Steve Romine