Catskill Mountain Railroad’s revenue up in 2016

The Catskill Mountain Railroad (CMRR) boasted revenues of $1.19 million in 2016, up from  $1.1 million the previous year, despite a slight drop in total riders to 38,743, due to closure of excursions on the Phoenicia line in June and July after expiration of the railroad’s lease on the tracks. Both the Kingston and Phoenicia lines were in operation for the rest of the season, with the Kingston ridership reaching 29,148.

The CMRR plans to have a variety of theme trains return in 2017, including Steam Engine Viscose No. 6, Polar Express, Easter Bunny Express, Halloween Trains and others. The railroad also expects to extend its Kingston run further west towards the Ashokan Reservoir during 2017, enabling it to eventually add themed trains targeted at adults, who require a longer ride and a scenic destination.

CMRR stated that of the Polar Express riders, 21,397 or 88% came from outside Ulster County. Their press release added, “The CMRR delivered large numbers of riders directly to the doors of Kingston area restaurants, hotels, and shops last year. Additionally, the CMRR purchased more than $280,000 in goods from over 25 different Ulster County businesses, paid nearly $70,000 in rent to Ulster County, increased its annual payroll to over $50,000 (employing 45 high school students and others to perform at its events), and purchased another $120,000 in goods from other Hudson Valley businesses.”


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  1. ITR

    And yet it’s amazing how Ulster county (and now Shandaken) still looks for ways to bankrupt and remove this Business that brings in a needed tourism base that this area depends on.

  2. Steven L Fornal

    No, Ulster County (and now Shandaken) simply ask that CMRR conduct itself according to the law and the agreements it signs.

    Trying to draw a parallel between being against continued criminality and being anti-business really is too much of a stretch to be seriously considered.

  3. ITR

    RE Steve Fornal, I have watched this sad saga for years. The county has failed in attracting or just keeping business’ (not just the RR) it has in Ulster. What has the IDA done lately? It’s obvious the Railroad has great tourist appeal and potential. Both the County and the Railroad has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars that could have been used to improve the county’s asset Thus increasing it’s tourist base. Thank goodness the Kingston Business group stepped up as they have since reaped the benefit of the Railroad remaining in Kingston. And when it comes to agreements, I believe The railbike outfit should have been disqualified to Bid as the RFP called for a railroad operator NOT a railbike tour company. I still think the Railbike group is being set up to fail. (Welcome to Ulster county) with the ultimate goal of a trail being built. With news that the trail people are chasing after a 10 million grant. It’s all starting to makes sense now.

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