Teen artists plan mural for New Paltz Community Center

New Paltz High School student Danielle Takacs (on far right) introduces the town board to a mural proposal for the Community Center. The mural will be painted by Takacs and fellow students Dayna Thomas, Juliette Crisafi and Maya Greenfield (all also pictured) as well as James Hyland and Sam Liebman. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

A group of high school-aged artists, members of Roost Youth, are planning a second mural on Town of New Paltz property. The first was an outdoor piece at the ReUse center, but this next piece should get more visibility as it will be on a wall in the front hall of the community center itself.

Advisor Marcy Bernstein introduced four of the artists, Maya Greenfield, Dayna Thomas, Juliette Crisafi and Danielle Takacs, who displayed a sketch to help explain the vision. Sam Liebman and James Hyland, who were not at the presentation, will also be contributing.


Using grant funding from the Maya Gold Foundation, the young artists will create a mural that turns New Paltz itself into a time line of important local events. The “walk through time” will touch upon the Huguenot settlers, Sojourner Truth’s life in the area, marriage equality and other events of import. Work on the mural will start as soon as approval is received from recreation director Chuck Bordino. Those board members present (Neil Bettez, Julie Seyfert-Lillis and Dan Torres) all appeared to like what was proposed.