Charges filed against New Paltz strip-club in prostitution case

The Blue Moon Cabaret will be answering charges stemming from prostitution arrests on January 20, town police chief Joseph Snyder told police commissioners last week. The corporation was charged under the name of Blue Moon Cabaret, Inc.

Three dancers were initially charged for allegedly offering sex acts in exchange for money to undercover police officers, members of the URGENT (Ulster Regional Gang Enforcement Narcotics Team) multi-department task force.

“I thought it was important not to just charge the individuals,” Snyder said when asked about the incident. The charges against the owner include a D-class felony for allowing the prostitution to occur, as well as criminal mischief, a B-class misdemeanor.


URGENT spokesman Lieutenant Abram Markewicz told a reporter for the Oracle that “It has been represented to me that the management have taken some corrective steps to ensure this doesn’t happen anymore, but whether or not that has actually occurred or if it will be effective, time will tell.”