Saugerties Times letters (11/10-16)

Town of Saugerties Animal Shelter

The month of October has been a very busy time for the shelter with the many events we participated in. Without the dedication, enthusiasm and hard work of our Volunteers these events could not have been the resounding success they were. I would to like to thank all the volunteers for their gift of their time, energy, and enthusiastic support.

At the Garlic Festival we had Ken, Elizabeth, Robin, Shalan, Robin, Anne, Alicia and Aiden, Anke and Maya and a couple of our younger volunteers and their Mom who all spent many hours manning the booth. It was a great weekend with friends and fellowship and promoting the shelter.

We also had our annual Fall Yard/bake sale which could not even happen without Jeanne and Bruce Fellow and  Carol Stahl. The Blue Kats help tremendously with setting up and breaking down as well as letting us use their tables and chairs. Betty Decker ran her baked goods table with all her delicious cakes, breads and pies. Thank you also to all the people who donated baked goods as well. Several volunteers came that day to help throughout the day such as Diane Snow and Marie’s Daughters, Adele and Gail and Son Ken. Gerry Wilson took care of the cash box with the help of one our younger volunteers Naomi. Robin spent the whole day helping as well as many others who came in and out throughout the day. The men at the transfer station were great. Thank you, Joe, Bert and Mark. Thank you also to the Shelter Girls, Ashley and Morgan who helped things running smoothly so I could run between both places.


A great big thank you to Robin and Elizabeth for represent the animal shelter at the Mum Festival. They were great sports and did a great job promoting the shelter.

Although the Wine and Whiskers event had to be canceled I would like to than Marjory Block and the historical society for letting us have use of the Dutch Barn for the event and Sue’s Restaurant for doing the catering and Anne for collecting gifts for the silent auction. We will be rescheduling, so keep you eyes out for the announcement. Anyone who paid for tickets with cash, please give Elly a call at the shelter 845-679-0339 so your money can be refunded.

The last event this month was Cup, Corks and Canvas by Heather Myer. She did a wonderful job teaching 64 people how to paint and it was so much fun to see everyone’s finished painting. Thank you to Christy Miller for arranging the whole thing and for being there to help out the day of the event.

Please visit the animal shelter at 1765 Rte 212 ( at the Saugerties Transfer Station) to see all the lovely Cats and Dogs for adoption or visit our Web site at or our facebook page…Town of Saugerties Animal Shelter.

Elly Monfett
Shelter Manager


A special memory

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to the Saugerties Fire Department’s Exempt Association for honoring me for my 60 years as an exempt fireman. Anthony (Bell) you really did surprise me. Thank you to you and all the members for making a special memory for me.

Of course, anyone who knows me is aware that I do in fact spend time down to the Glasco Firehouse helping out on functions, cooking or wherever my services are needed.  I am and always have been proud to be a volunteer fireman. I, of course, will no longer fight fires, but I will continue to respect all volunteers who deserve everyone’s admiration and gratitude.

Finally, as Saugerties Times so nicely expressed, my family is the most important part of my life — my wife, Dolly, son, Brian Breithaupt; Daughter, Carol Ann, son-in-law, Raymond Mayone, three grandsons, Matthew Breithaupt, Raymond and Kevin Mayone.  I am proud to say the volunteerism continues as Brian, Raymond and my grandson, Raymond are all firemen.

Clifford Breithaupt


Alabama pipeline explosion a lesson on Pilgrim risk

The gasoline pipeline rupture in Helena, Alabama on October 31 reminds us of what a horrible risk the Pilgrim Pipelines would present to the Hudson Valley. Imagine: a 50-foot plume of fire and smoke, belching hazardous gasoline and carcinogenic benzene fumes, erupting on the New York State Thruway, one that would require evacuation of all within a 3-mile radius and an 8-foot berm to contain the spilling fuel. It could occur next to our town, near a school, over an aquifer or in a waterway that flows into the Hudson River. Except a rupture of the Pilgrim Pipelines would be worse. Being a dual pipeline system, an explosion of the gasoline line would no doubt also rupture the adjacent crude oil line, doubling the amount of petroleum spilled and fueling the fire even more. If this tragic event in Alabama was not an object lesson as to why the Pilgrim Pipeline would be an enormous mistake, I don’t know what is.

Pamela Ross


Election about middle class

OK, friends and family lets stop the BS. Hillary supporters come off the ledge and stop predicting Armageddon, Trump supporters stop patting yourselves on your backs before you break your arm. This Election was never about Trump or Clinton…just look at the favorability polls…it was about middle class working Americans finally saying “enough is enough.”

And these Americans are white, black, Latino, male and Female. This is a statement to both major political parties that it is time to wake up and pay attention to the silent majority who obviously are no longer silent. This is a message to all Americans to stop being a victim of the media’s quest to divide us, whether it’s racial, economic, gender based, religious beliefs or sexual preference. Believe your heart because we are more alike than they would lead you to believe. It is time to move on with our only true denominator…we are all Americans. Stop being divided by a news headline, a poll or someone else’s belief . Look around during your daily routine and take notice that life really isn’t so bad and that you can make a difference. You have turned the Washington political machine on its head, special interest groups are now not so special and very loudly you pronounced all lives matter. God bless our great country.

Joe Puma