Say it in 140 or less!

dan-barton-300x300That’s what Twitter does, for now, anyway. Makes users say what they have to say, with 140 characters being the limit per tweet. That forces a boiling-down and ruthless efficiency with words that can be both frustrating and enlightening. Here are a few examples I’ve come up with since Monday.

I think both presidential hopefuls should be examined (and results be made public) by a panel of three docs — Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Dr. Nick.

Agree with the mayor — Irish Cultural Center a great idea but has to follow the zoning law. #rulesarerules


Urban (or suburban) chickens hinge on two things — responsibility of their keepers and the tolerance of their neighbors. #bokbokbok

Voting for the lesser of two evils is — and this is important! — voting for less evil. #lessevil2016

The real estate/boutique hotel world moves at a much much faster pace than the school district world. Adjust expectations accordingly.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia — all are legit deplorable. She might not have meant you, though. You’re cool, right?

Thanks for visiting Kingston, city guy, but you should have left either your man bun or your neck tattoo at home. #smorgasburgfashiontips

Headlines for stories about recognizing excellence should especially not misspell the word “excellence.”

Who among us wouldn’t look like an oaf or worse if our emails were revealed for all to see?

Donald Trump weighs 267 pounds?!! I weigh 267 pounds. We *both* need to work on that.

See how it works? Notice how you get (are forced) to cut right to the heart of matters, but have scant room for nuance, explanation or “on the other hand.” Given that so much of our civic debate these days takes place over Twitter, it’s easy to see how nuance, explanation or “on the other hand” has gone the way of the dodo, or Myspace. The results can be seen all over the place. #weareindeepdoodoo