Rosendale seeks permanent home for abandoned pets

King leans against Rosendale dog control officer Ed Hintz. (Julie O’Connor | New Paltz Times)

King leans against Rosendale dog control officer Ed Hintz. (Julie O’Connor | New Paltz Times)

lee-mazzola-VRTFor some mysterious reason, word seems to have gotten around that the Town of Rosendale is a good place to abandon an unwanted dog. An unusually high number of homeless canines are currently in town custody. In fact, a few weeks ago, someone surreptitiously dropped a terrier off on the front porch of town clerk Mandy Donald. That particular sad tale has a happy ending: The foundling was quickly placed with an adoptive home. But some abandoned dogs aren’t so lucky, according to Rosendale dog control officer Ed Hintz.

On August 10, Hintz told the Rosendale town board that a dog named Buddy had ingested his bedding at the municipal animal shelter, necessitating euthanasia. A recently picked-up stray, an as-yet-unnamed mixed-breed female, is currently being quarantined until her mange clears up. It’s no great surprise that dogs are found in poor physical or psychological condition after being abandoned or neglected by owners who may have lacked the necessary resources to care for them properly.


Located at the Rosendale Transfer Station, Rosendale’s animal shelter lies near a limestone mine shaft whose Earth-breath keeps the animals cool even when the power went out last weekend during a thunderstorm. And Officer Hintz, a retired employee of the US Post Office and river captain who has been the Rosendale dog control officer for the past 11 years, treats the shelter dogs as if they were his own – until they get adopted.

Right now, Hintz has three charges who are in good health and ready for placement in a happy home: a hound named Blacky and two pit bulls named Lady and King. Persons with room in their houses and their hearts for a rescue dog are encouraged to contact the dog warden at (845) 389-2205.

At the same municipal meeting where Hintz reported on Buddy’s misfortune, the town board agreed to several measures addressing the sudden influx of abandoned dogs. They voted to hire a per diem basis as deputy dog control officer to fill in on Hintz’s days off, so that he won’t have to be on call 24/7. They also decided to recruit volunteers for a brand-new Dog Adoption Committee, who would use social media and other forms of public outreach to identify placement opportunities for homeless pets.

Councilwoman Stacy Lipari expressed confidence that Rosendale residents would step up to serve on the committee, saying, “This is a dog town.” The volunteer positions would normally last for three years, but town supervisor Jeanne Walsh recommended starting off with one-, two- and three-year terms so that their expiration dates would be staggered. Rosendalers interested in serving on the committee are asked to contact the town clerk at (845) 658-3159 or, or just stop by the Rondout Municipal Center at 1915 Lucas Avenue in Cottekill.

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  1. HV

    Let us not be so forgiving of dog/animal owners who abandon dogs or other animals. Like children, if you make the choice to have one you are taking on ANOTHER LIVING CREATURE and are responsible for that creature until it’s passing. Dumping your pet – I don’t care how little you have – is not an option. If you need to let go of your pet at least take it to the shelter so it is done properly. Abandoning a pet leaves it in profound distress, fear, they get hit by cars, killed by other animals, lost and animals feel the same emotion as people – fear, hunger, comfort…far too many, especially around here it seems, get a dog ’cause ‘its cool, man’ and then dump them when it becomes inconvenient. Anyone who does that – (with the exception of an owner who dies and leaves their animal behind) – should be ashamed.

  2. Tillsonian

    I hope they are working in association with “Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley” and its facebook page. There are a # of pets returning to their original owners due to their great service.

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