Letters (May 12-19)

Lynch’s Redevelopment Concerns

The Village Planning Board has received a site plan review and special use permit application for a restaurant/banquet hall to be used as a commercial wedding venue at Lynch’s Marina.
The applicant is advertising for weddings of up to 300 people. You can review the site plan and application at Village Hall. There will be a public hearing in two weeks; check for the exact date.
We, Friends of Lynch’s, are concerned that our residential neighborhood will be adversely impacted with amplified noise and increased traffic spring, summer and fall. If you have any interest in letting the Village Planning Board know your concerns, speak at the public hearing or write the Planning Board with your thoughts.

Robin Goss, Friends of Lynch’s


A Brightening Future For Saugerties

It seems the sun will play a significant role in Saugerties’ energy future. The Town Board has been working on a solar installation plan, which looks very promising, that would supply Saugerties’ municipal facilities with their electric energy needs while saving significantly on its costs. Kudos to Vern Benjamin, Bob Hlavaty, and the Town Board for working so hard to save the Town money while reducing its carbon footprint.

Out on Kings Highway, the Army Reserve Center is putting up a rather substantial array. Though no one has gotten back to me yet with details, it does look impressive!


On the residential front, Solarize Saugerties has been having great success with its efforts to bring the public together with installers to make it easier for private residences and smaller businesses to obtain the advantages of Solar. At Open Houses and Workshops nearly 200 have come for information and the opportunity to speak with solar installers and get free estimates. The result has been many surprised and excited people and a slew of new installations in the works.

Along with significant discounts from our selected installers, Direct Solar Energy is even offering a free 5kw solar system at a place of our choosing in our community. Those who sign up through the Solarize Saugerties program make this possible

So I would urge anyone with any interest in obtaining, or even finding out more about the advantages of solar power to come to the final Solarize workshop, Thursday, May 19 at the Saugerties Senior Center 7 p.m.-9 p.m. You may not be just helping yourself, but the community at large. Plus there is the bonus of complimentary ice cream from New York State Solar Farm’s solar ice cream truck for those who participate!

Skip Arthur, Solarize Saugerties


Mayor Out Of Line

The May 5 issue headlines “Where were you before?” with subtitle “Village Board upbraids sole critic.” If  Mayor Murphy has been quoted correctly, he is quite wrong in saying that the Friends of Clovelea (FOC) “threw. . .obstacles in the way of the person who purchased the property…who has now walked away.” In fact FOC, the Chair in particular, worked very hard to scout for prospective buyers and when one materialized introduced him to preservation specialists. It is sad that things have not improved there,  but that is not the fault of FOC.
Mayor Murphy is out of line in scolding Ms. Goss as if she should have acted herself 20 years ago to save the marina or as if she wants the beloved complex to deteriorate further. Ms. Goss, according to the report, did not challenge the use of one building as a restaurant, but did challenge its use as a wedding/banquet hall, supposedly for just a year. The article gives no assurance that the wedding hall would really be converted to a restaurant after that.
The volume of sound across and along the creek from a “wedding hall” could seriously harm quiet enjoyment of their homes by persons on what Mr. Wade calls “the other side of the creek.” Perhaps Ms. Goss is the only homeowner there who would find this bothersome, but we doubt that.
Ms. Goss used her right as a nearby property owner to oppose one aspect of the proposed project. That’s what hearings on special use permits are for. She was brave to do this, and neighbors should be grateful to her. The Mayor’s remarks on her rationale are mean and wrong.

Stephen and Lizbeth Shafer


Saugerties District School Board

This letter is written in support of Angie Minew in hopes that she will continue her seat on the Saugerties District School Board. I first met Angie about eight years ago while searching for a daycare provider for my then nine-year old daughter. As a single mother I had to ensure that my child was going to be in a safe, stable environment with a responsible, reliable daycare provider. Upon meeting Angie, I immediately knew she was the one. My daughter is now 17 years old and continues to look up to Angie as a role model. Besides the fact that she runs a very successful business, she has completed over 200 hours of school board and school function training at no cost to the district, earned awards for excellence, served on the School Board for three years and is currently the liaison for Ulster County BOCES and the legislature and more. Angie is a woman that gives 110% of herself in everything that she does and always maintains a can do attitude. She is strong willed, passionate, transparent and trustworthy. Angie not only wants the best education and future for her own children, but for all in our community. Angie is the right choice for the Saugerties School Board.

S Burchette



Emerson-Hoss, Maskell, and Van Schaack

Next Tuesday, May 17, Saugerties voters have a tremendous opportunity to complete an enlightened transformation of our school board by electing three new trustees: Katie Emerson-Hoss, Elena Maskell, and Paul Van Schaack. Each of them brings a much-needed skill set and expertise that will greatly benefit the overall and day-to-day workings of our district.

Emerson-Hoss has been our friend and neighbor since we moved to Saugerties twelve years ago. She holds a  Ph.D. in early childhood education, has a daughter in middle school, and is known by many in our community for founding the Saugerties Art Lab, which for many years offered free and low-cost art classes for young children.

Maskell has worked for two other area school boards as a district clerk, is a paralegal, and has two children in our schools. Her experience will be a tremendous asset to our school board.

Van Schaack has had three children graduate from SHS, and as a computer information system specialist. I have no doubt that he will be able to help our district devise new and better ways to keep both the bureaucracy and communication channels running smoothly into the future.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for us as a community to get out and vote for these candidates. For too many years Saugerties has suffered the reputation of having a school board which does not put the priorities of our students above those of the taxpayer. I understand that everyone wants lower taxes, but it’s the school board’s job to advocate for the needs of our district and convince the community that a first-rate education is worth the expense — not only for our kids but for the reputation of Saugerties and our economy. Because the first thing any prospective home buyer asks when moving to a new town is, “How are the schools?” Next week we have the chance to usher in a new era — that of a unified and qualified board of trustees possessing a collective vision to continually improve our schools

Alex Rappoport


48 to 45

In your April 28th issue Christopher Jones wrote a letter with the title “Figures Don’t Lie.” I do like that his favorite college professor said…“ Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure”…which I think is quite true.

People can take things like employment figures and twist them just about any way they want…as I suspect that Jones may also be doing here. But Obama did not say that “manufacturing has added almost a million jobs.” The quote was “our manufacturers have added about 500,000 jobs over the past three (years) .” And Politifact.com found this true. But whatever the numbers…your statement that Obama did not create “one new manufacturing job” is simply not true.

At least Obama didn’t take the conservative route of Europe into complete austerity, as it has failed badly in most countries. Which is why today…as bad as it may seem to Mr. Jones…our economy is far better than Europe’s and the rest of the world’s.

And by not extending all of the Bush tax cuts…and making the rich pay a little more…it has helped Obama to cut the deficit by more than two-thirds. Also true on Politifact.

But since Mr. Jones likes “numbers,” I would like to answer his question of “Who has performed the most acts of terrorism in the past 16 years in this country?” by using “numbers” based on the unfortunate number of American deaths: Jihadist Attacks: 2015 – San Bernardino, 14; Chattanooga, 5. In 2014 — Washington-New Jersey “spree,” 4; Oklahoma “beheading,” 1. In 2013 — Boston Marathon, 4. In 2009 — Little Rock Shooting, 1; Fort Hood shooting, 13. In 2006 — Seattle shooting, 1. In 2002 — Los Angeles Airport Shooting, 2. This gives us a total of 45 people.


Right Wing American Extremist Attacks: 2015 — Colorado Planned Parenthood (after the highly viewed Fiorina “lies of horror” during an early debate), 3; Charleston Church — 9. In 2014 — Las Vegas Police, 3; Kansas Shooting, 3; Blooming Grove Police Ambush, 1. In 2012 — Tri-State Spree, 4; St. John’s Police Ambush, 2; Sikh Temple, 6. In 2011 — Fear Militia, 3; In 2010 — Carlisle Pa Murder, 1; Austin Plane Attack, 1. In  2009 — Pittsburgh Police Ambush, 3; Holocaust Museum, 1;  George Tiller Assassination, 1; Prima County Arizona, 2; Brockton Mass Murders, 2. In 2008 — Knoxville Church, 2. In 2004, Tulsa Bank Robbery, 1. For a total of 48 people. Sources easily available.

So at 48 to 45, it looks like our “good-ole-boy” (and probably “Christian”), flag-waving, home-grown-militias, and right-wing nut-jobs are still just a little bit ahead of the Islamic Jihadists for U.S. terrorist attack deaths over the past 15 years, since 9/11.

Gilbert Hetherwick


I Ask For Your Vote

My name is Angie Minew. My family and I have been a Saugerties resident for 8.5 years. I have been on the Saugerties School Board for three years and serving together as an Ulster BOCES Trustee. I have three children in the district.

During my time on school board I have aided in changing policy and have been able to work with all members of the board regardless of differences of opinion.

My goal for Saugerties is to see a drug education program in our buildings, a pre-K, continuing and adding to our AP selection, programs increase for not only special Ed but for advanced and excelled; smaller class sizes, additional guidance, additional supports for mental illness; farm to table with healthier selections utilizing our local farms and to maintain the level of fiscal responsibility with examining legacy cost, administration budgets, adding teachers, and not approving as my record has shown needless contracts and spending. I have advocated and will continue to advocate for not only more information to the Board of Education but to you the parent, the taxpayer, the voter.

Our children are all of our business and I for one have put in countless hours advocating, supporting, and enhancing Saugerties as well as BOCES.

I have proven that I’m not afraid to ask the tough questions and stand alone if need be. If re-elected, Saugerties, I can guarantee the same passion, heart, trust, and integrity I have shown the past three years.

On May 17, I ask you to vote for the candidates you feel are most qualified and can properly serve the district. Thank you for your support.

Angie Minew