Letters (May 12-19)

mail-letter-sqFor The Benefit Of All Inhabitants

Thinking about the upcoming celebration of Israeli Independence day on May 12, I reflect on the events leading up to this commemoration.

I keep in mind that on November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly passed resolution 181 which called for the partition of the British ruled Palestine Mandate into a Jewish state and an Arab state.

This resolution led to David Ben Gurion’s subsequent proclamation on May 14, 1948, declaring the establishment of the State of Israel (i.e. similar to the U.S. Declaration of Independence).


The response of Arabs was immediate and violent. They rejected the partition and Arab armies from surrounding Arab countries promptly attacked the fledgling Jewish state vowing to drive the Jews into the sea. In the vast disruption prompted by the Arab-initiated war, several hundred thousand Arabs became refugees and hundreds of thousands of Jews were forced to leave their homes in North Africa and Arab countries. Hundreds of thousands of local Arabs chose not to flee in 1948 and they became the source of the 1.7 million Arabs who today are full citizens of Israel.

Nothing in the early settlers Zionist vision entailed exploitation or expulsion of local Arab populations; rather within that 1948 declaration of independence was a pledge to develop the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants and to assure all inhabitants equal political and religious freedoms. While the implementation of that vision is far from perfect, I wonder how much more perfect it would be if not for the Arab wars of 1948, 1967, 1973, and the constant wars of attrition caused by Palestinians and surrounding Arab countries in the years since.

How different the middle-east would be now if in 1948 the invading Arabs, hell bent on destroying Israel and its Jews, were successful. But they weren’t and they have allowed that fact to fuel their hatred and violence ever since.

Susan Puretz


New Trees

If you have driven through the Village of Saugerties recently, you may have noticed some new additions to our tree population. The Village DPW has recently planted a new maple tree on the Cahill School property (thanks to the Saugerties Society of Little Gardens.)

Another addition is a maple planted on the Farmers Market property (thanks to the Saugerties Farmers Market) to commemorate Arbor Day.

If you would like to donate a tree, please contact Village Hall.

John B. Stafford


Supporting Katie For School Board

I support the candidacy of Katie Emerson-Hoss who is running along with Paul Van Schaack and Elena Maskell for the School Board. I know Katie from the time she brought her newborn baby Stella to the Saugerties Farmers Market, saw her create and lead ArtLab bringing art to children in Saugerties, and become an expert in childhood education. Katie is sensitive, intelligent, knowledgeable and trustworthy. She will serve the community well.

Judith Spektor


Re-elect Angie Minew

My name is Gabriel Valles. I am currently living and raising my five children in the Saugerties school district with my wife. This letter is intended to show support for a current school board member who is running for re-election, Angie Minew. Angie lives locally in Saugerties and truly goes the extra mile for our community and especially our children. Whether it’s in her home daycare, where we entrust her the lives of our most important little people, or politically battling for the reconciliation of archaic or failing policies you can be guaranteed that Angie is there making sure our families have the best opportunities to be successful.

Angie is currently the liaison for the Ulster County legislator and Ulster BOCES. She’s served on the school board for the past three years as well as serving as an Ulster BOCES trustee. Her career in our families academic advancement is decorated by her hard and selfless work. She chaired both the policy and transportation committees until they dissolved, served on the audit committee, and currently serves as a member of Saugerties and Ulster BOCES.
I think it’s important to mention that Angie does this all while raising her own family locally on top of owning and operating the top daycare in Saugerties. Angie’s daycare includes both homework and volunteer programs. Children are able to help at food pantries animal hospitals even planting gardens, all in the betterment of our community. I am only an acquaintance of Angie but I could not resist placing my opinion. My endorsement comes from an unwavering positive opinion of a person who I could not even aspire to be without utter exhaustion. We need good people we have one here and we need to re-elect.

Gabriel Valles


My Neighbor Angie

I would like to take the time to tell you about my neighbor Angie Minew. In the time I have known Angie I have personally witnessed the countless hours she puts into her own family, her business, and the community. Angie’s door is always open. She is the person we all go to with the hard questions. We call her the fact finder. She will do what it takes to get the real answers good or bad. She is the kind of person we need in office.
She has served on our board and BOCES board for Three years. She serves on Ulster BOCES and Saugerties policy communities A couple of the things she wants to do. She would like to push for drug education programs in our district. Push to rehire the art, music and library teachers we lost in addition to more full time teachers to reduce class sizes that were eliminated by the GEA in 2009. Better educational experiences outside of the classroom. Trying to get a hockey team. We have a great facility to play it in and a lot of kids that play well.
She has taken me in as her family, sharing holidays with my son and I, going to fairs, shows and school events. Angie tries to make ever school event in our district. Sometimes due to overlap in schedule she is not always able to be there. They had Carnival night at Cahill on Friday and she was there painting faces. The daycare kids are busy learning about our community year round. During the summer the kids do packets of work for the next school year. This way they are a head of the curve when school starts. This spring/summer the daycare kids are involved in community projects. The kids have to come up idea and then do the work. One of the kids is running a clothing drive.
There aren’t too many things I personally can say Angie wouldn’t do for you or our community. Angie is family orientated and a community advocate.

Dawn Hollis


Re-Elect Angie Minew

On may 17, 2016, elections will be held for the Saugerties School Board. Since being elected in 2014, Angie Minew has been a consistent voice for programs and procedures that will help our children obtain a high level of education.

She is a watch dog for our tax payer dollars and deserves to be re-elected to the  Saugerties School Board.

Please vote on May 17, 2016 and please re-elect a strong and dedicated individual, Angie Minew.

Jimmy Bruno


Supporting Angie Minew

I am writing to express my support for Angie Minew’s reelection to the Saugerties School Board.

In getting to know Angie and her wonderful family, I’ve learned she is a hard-working Trustee who does more than what’s expected. Angie understands the delicate balance between the need to properly educate our children while protecting taxpayers. She cares deeply about the future of our community.

Please join me in voting for Angie Minew for the Saugerties Board of Education on May 17.

Joe Roberti Jr.


Solar Awareness

Dear Friends and Neighbors who own businesses or run a nonprofit in Saugerties:

I am a member of Solarize Saugerties, a volunteer committee working within our community, hoping to raise excitement and awareness of the benefits of solarizing our homes and businesses. Over the last few months, we have been providing opportunities to all residents and business owners in Saugerties (and Ulster County at large) to see if solar makes sense to supply less expensive, renewable energy for their buildings or homes.

While we all play our part, there are several things that you, our visible leaders in the community, could do immediately to help set a precedent. Businesses are important to show that we can marry economic sense — because solar can help your bottom line by substantially reducing your electric bill and achieving a rapid payback on your investment — with caring about the environment.

We have organized an event on Thursday, May 19 at 7 p.m. at the Frank Greco Senior Center that you are all invited to attend to find out whether solar could work for your enterprise. New York State Solar Farm, one of the selected Solarize Saugerties installers, will have their solar powered ice cream truck there providing free treats to those who come and check out the information about going solar!

We’ve worked hard, alongside the Town and the Solarize Hudson Valley team, to make it easy for you to go solar, from making sure the Town has streamlined solar permitting in place to selecting solar installers who meet the stringent criteria required to be a Solarize installer and from fully understanding the new Energize NY PACE Finance program (https://commercial.energizeny.org) to making sure that Ulster County has adopted measures to help make it easy and affordable for property owners to come up with the upfront capital to pay for an installation. There are also options that require no money down and no financing.

We hope you can join us!

Carole Furman


Angie Embodies Leadership

I am writing to urge support for Angie Minew in the upcoming school board election. Angie’s experience as a current member of the Board of Education, coupled with her service on the board of Ulster BOCES, her business knowledge, extensive experience with children and countless hours of training make her uniquely qualified to fill the role of school board trustee. She has proven in her first term that she is more than up to the task.  Angie has worked persistently to implement policy changes for the betterment of the district and lobbied very hard for reversal of the Gap Elimination Adjustment to return much needed State funding.

Angie’s strong will and eagerness to challenge conventional wisdom embodies the spirit of leadership. Her intelligence, endless enthusiasm and capacity to think and act independently bring a much needed perspective to the board of education. Her ability to balance the needs of the students with the concerns of the district residents and taxpayers has proven her worthiness to serve in this important role.


On May 17 I encourage you to return Angie Minew to the Saugerties Board of Education.

Bill Schirmer


Reelect Minew

On Tuesday, May 17 Saugerties School district voters will have the opportunity to chose members of the school board. Angie Minew has proven herself as a highly competent, dedicated, and caring member of the Saugerties School board during her tenure of the past three years.
In addition to our local school board Angie is also serving on the Board of Education of BOCES solving issues facing schools in the entire county. She has a history of asking the tough questions on proposed policies, the school budget and the impact of state mandates on the tax payers as well as the students. She is an advocate of quality education and practices hard work and responsibility in her personal life. I recommend re-election of Angie Minew to the Saugerties School Board.

Gaetana Ciarlante


The Perfect Candidate

This letter is written in support of Flo Hyatt for re-election to the Saugerties School Board on May 17.

During the past three years that I’ve had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Flo, she has proven to be one of the most dedicated and hard-working board members I had encountered during my nine years on the board. Flo has more than 20 years experience as a school board member and is extremely knowledgeable on all the issues facing the District. She has repeatedly shown that her heart is with our children and giving them the best education possible while carefully watching the spending. During her recent tenure, the District faced some very difficult issues and Flo has not been afraid to roll up her sleeves and address the tough challenges that we have faced head on.

Being a board member takes a very special type of person. Unfortunately many individuals who run for the school board carry with them a personal agenda. Not Flo; the only “agenda” I have ever witnessed from Flo was her total dedication to making sure our children get the best education possible while making certain that we stay within budget.

I ask all my friends and relatives, as well as those of you who have trusted and supported me over the years to please come out on Tuesday, May 17th from 6am to 9pm to vote for Flo Hyatt. She is a perfect candidate, one we can trust with our most value asset, our children.

George D Heidcamp Sr.


Bernie Is Not Done

Thanks and congratulations Saugertisians! Very proud to live in upstate New York where Bernie won every place except big cities of Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo. Well done Albany!
I suspect many of you were disheartened when we got the news that HRC had won New York. I hope you are aware of all the shenanigans that happened in Brooklyn. No doubt we are up against a powerful machine that operates best in large metropolitan areas. But just in case you are not in tune with what is happening in remaining states, please know that voters across the country are reacting well to the silly primary voting rules designed to keep the establishment in power.
So chin up, Bernie is not done. Our political revolution that he has begun has a long way to go, but it’s far from over.

Ralph Childers