Shopping in the Hudson Valley


Some Catskills villages are even sleepier than they were a hundred years ago, with not much shopping besides a general store. While these communities have a rural appeal, you may need to head elsewhere if you’re looking to for stuff to buy other than household staples. Larger towns tend to be lively, with an array of boutiques and specialty shops. Each community has its own character, so drive around and see which places appeal to you.

You might find an emphasis on history, with antique shops housed in magnificent Victorian buildings. Towns that cater to hikers, hunters, and fisherfolk have camping stores with plenty of supplies for outdoor recreation. Where the arts are celebrated, look for bookstores, art galleries, music shops. If craftspeople live nearby, expect stores with local handmade items. Some towns feature upscale boutiques with stylish clothing and decorative housewares. Almost every community has a gift shop with toys for the kids and Catskills souvenirs for the folks in the city.

Actually, many Main Streets include all of these kinds of stores, with a tendency to feature more of one type or another. You will probably discover after one or two visits where your taste lies, but be sure to look around. Surprises await in all these quirky mountain hamlets.