Letter: Clovelea can and should be saved

Clovelea SQThis is in response to a letter by Carol Cochrane in last week’s Saugerties Times pertaining to the Clovelea mansion in Barclay Heights.

A couple of years ago, the past owner of the property applied for a demolition permit to tear down the building to perhaps build some condominiums on the property. A group of concerned Saugerties citizens (including myself) got together to form an organization to try to save the building, which was then rededicated an important historic landmark by the Historic Review Board. And from my understanding this does not totally protect the building but makes it much more difficult to demolish. I would agree that the building is in desperate disrepair, but one piece of false information stated by the letter writer, and I should mention was perpetrated by this paper, is that the building is ‘burned out.’ It is true that there was a fire in the kitchen when it was a restaurant, but the owner at that time did repairs on the roof where the fire was and in so doing stabilized the structure. I know when the Friends of Clovelea group formed we got permission from the former owner to have several engineers examine the structure who deemed that the original building is structurally sound.

Of course the ugly deteriorating additions when observing the property from the street are very unstable — in fact, the front one collapsed awhile ago under the weight of snow on the roof.


The new present owner, from what I understand, has a vision for the property which would restore the mansion as much as possible respecting its historic stature and creating a profitable business endeavor.

This once glorious building, in my mind, is equal to the wonderful Wilderstein Estate in Rhinebeck and could have the same draw as a destination for Saugerties.

I understand tourism is one of the most important economic drivers for Ulster County as well as Saugerties, so this site would be a great addition to ‘places to visit’ like the Saugerties Lighthouse, Opus 40 and HITS.

To read more about the colorful history of this grand historic site see www.cloveleaestate.com/history

Mark Smith

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  1. Sharon

    I do repeatedly hear the property has been purchased, yet the ‘for sale’ signs remain posted and it does not look as if any work has been done. What is the status of the sale and improvements?

    1. mark smith

      Sharon, now that the present owner has the papers filed he can move ahead with his plans. However he must get the proper permits and appear before the Historic Review Board to present his plans.

  2. Bill Karanza

    I don’t understand why a group of people that have no money somehow under the
    guise of “historic value” think they have the right to tell someone with money and a
    vision what they can or cannot with their money. If you think the burned out mansion
    should be restored then by all means put up your own money and restore yourself. Otherwise
    Just look at a picture of how it use to be and let someone tear that eye soar down.
    I have to ride by it all the time and I’m sick of it. KNOCK IT DOWN NOW!!

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