32 South shooter in New Paltz to face charges

cop-SQIt’s been over three months since a massive amount of law enforcement officers, including SWAT teams and a helicopter, descended on a house not far from New Paltz High School due to shots fired at town police officers by an occupant, who has been identified by other news outlets as John Tozzi.

Since he exchanged gun fire with police in the morning hours of October 24, he’s been hospitalized, and no charges have been filed. While there has been speculation that this was because he was not conscious to hear them, apparently the real reason is that to charge him would result in county taxpayers assuming the cost of his medical care, which includes problems not caused by the injuries he received that day.

Two grand juries will soon be convened: one will consider charges against Tozzi, and another will look at the circumstances surrounding the decision by a town police officer to return fire. That officer, a 14-year veteran, was placed on administrative leave for five days following the incident, but has since been returned to active duty.


Route 32 South was closed to traffic for 15 hours during the standoff.