Letters (Dec. 24-31)

mail-letter-sqThanks for the water

As liaison to the Town of Saugerties Water/Sewer Department I would like to take a moment to thank Village Mayor Bill Murphy, Water Superintendent Mike Hopf and the entire Village Board of Trustees for their cooperation in the completion of the Barclay Ln. water tank replacement project.

Commencement of the tank replacement required the release of close to one million gallons of water stored in the old tank destined for demolition. As the new tank project neared completion, we contacted the Village Water Department to let them know we would be drawing approximately 800,000 gallons to refill the tank. Mayor Murphy, Superintendent Hopf and the Village Board of Trustees responded by stating that, in light of recent and ongoing cooperation between the town and village governments, the village was willing to forego charges for the amount of water necessary to refill the tank, thereby reducing final project cost for the residents of the Glasco Water District. Their assistance throughout the duration this major infrastructure project is greatly appreciated.

As the state of New York continues to press local governments to find savings through inter-municipal agreements, I look forward to our continued cooperation with the mayor and Village Board to find shared solutions that benefit all Saugerties residents.


Bill Schirmer


Fresh chicken

Individuals and entities opposed to the New York State Thruway being lead agency for the Pilgrim Pipeline have as much chance of the Thruway Authority letting go of that juicy morsel as you would to get a starving croc to release a fresh chicken. The NY State Thruway needs revenue to play for their “new” Tappen Zee Bridge that is estimated to cost between $6 billion and $15 billion. Without the usual cost overruns (think “Ulster County Jail”) and at this time no one knows where the money will come from. What is to become of the “old” (50 years!) bridge? Another “Walkway Over The Hudson”? Will the “new” TZ Bridge outlive the debt it incurs? Don’t bet on it.

A.E. Wasserbach