Santa Reynolds

K702 Santa HughWell, readers, it’s that time of the year again. We know who’s been sleeping. We know who’s been awake. We know who’s been bad or good …

For Steve Noble: A bomb-sniffing dog.

For Ewe Deising: Lots of dough.

For Shayne Gallo: Noble ventures.

For Lynn Archer: A weekend in Lake Katrine.

For George Amedore: Cecilia one more time.

For Paula Mitchell: 60 Minutes.

For Pete Rua: The taps from Mid-City Lanes.

For Paul Kirby: Better days.

For Bob Mitchell: Chamber sausage.

For Ozzie Beichert: Timely signs.

For Vinnie Perry: Ditto.

For Bob Carey: Fox news.

For Stacey Rein: A million-dollar United Way fundraiser.

For Jim Carey: Prayers from the blessed St. Patrick.

For Andrew Zweben: A soft landing.

For Breda McMahon: 500 Coleman freshmen.

For Joan Lawrence Bauer: Teen angels.

For Father Ed Burke: Fast masses.

For Denny Demosthenes: Chops.

For Dion Ogust: A ride on Andy Cuomo’s Harley.

For Geddy S.: Swedish solutions.

For Amy Murphy: Three Dog Night’s greatest hits.

For Lynn Woods: Another documentary with Stephen Blauweiss.

For Jay Wenk: BBs.

For Ellen Reinhard: Boots Randolph’s Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

For Joe Hurwitz: A shoehorn.

For Phyllis McCabe: Paris in the springtime.

For Laila Smith: Rock-’n’-roll music. Any old way you choose it.


For Ken Ronk: Pete Savago’s textbook on iron-fisted autocratic rule.

For Chris Gibson: A Kareem-like victory lap.

For Harold Anderson: Hark! The Harold Angels sing!

For Debbie Iapoce: Eggnog with Flo.

For Kevin Quilty: Playing Santa all year long.

For Brian Cafferty: Smooth sailing on Williams Lake.

For Earl Pardini: A visit from the Cat in the Hat (sans litter).

For Joe Pisani: A good forehand.

For Will Dendis: Lunch with Gaetana.

For Mike Bruhn: Travels with Tripp.

For Sue Pilla: Welcome back.

For Vicki St. John: Bill Clinton’s autographed copy of The Comeback Kid.

For Kevin Smith: Longfellow redux: The smith, a mighty man is he.

For Harry Jameson: A ride on the Chattanooga Choo-choo…Pardon me, boys…

For Rob Reynolds: D-I scouts.

For Ryan Reynolds: His grandfather’s deadly jump shot.

For David Reynolds: Spicy meatballs.

For Kevin Cahill: Stock in Keegan’s.

For Frank Faluotico: Sous-chef at Savona’s.

For KHS students: Ear plugs.

For Genia Wickwire: Michael Steven Buble’s rendition of Daddy’s Little Girl.

For Paul O’Neill: Another history series.

For Derek Carey: Top tenor in the Hallejullah Choir. .

For Chris Rea: Justice.

For HealthAlliance: An about-$50-million rainbow from the state.

For judges Larry Ball and Phil Kirschner: Holiday parking-ticket forgiveness.

For Ray Guerin: Annie’s home cooking.

For Jim Hanstein: A cameo in Jailhouse Rock.

For recording artist Jeremy Blaber: Official city-hall videographer.

For Jesse Smith: Pulitzer mention.

For John Guerin: A congressional draft.

For Paul Bond: Stock in IBM.

For John Stote: Mickey Mantle autographed baseballs.

For John Mizerak: Flocks of eagles on Woodstock’s treacherous No. 5.

For Ed Palladino: Zack’s promotion to the majors.

For Pat Finch: Purrs from Honey Bun.

For Dan Barton: Judicial conferences.

For Pete Lopez: Cash cows.

For Sophia Reuner: Nights out.

For Fran Wishnick: A clean Wallkill River.

For Butch Dener: Parts. (But not mine, yet)

For Jeremiah Flaherty: T.K Petro’s playbook.

For Deb Alexsa: Town, gown and village controversy.

For Fran Humphrey: A DAR walking tour of the Stockade.

For Ken Crannell: Ditto

For Vince Auletta: Hemi power.

For Bill Forte: A few more lamp poles.

For Capt. Pat Doonan: Promotion to major on God’s celestial staff.

For Erica Guerin: Cappy Weiner’s crib notes.

For Don Williams: A guest spot on Judge Judy.

For Michelle Marcus: Ditto.

For Bill Larkin: Longevity.

For Alan Ginsberg: A fleet of bulldozers.

For Dean Gitter: Ditto.

For Sylvia Rozzelle: Mountain music.

For Fawn Tantillo: A shopping spree at Bop to Tottom.

For Ernie Hunt: Full steam ahead.

For Mike Marnell: More issues.

For Joe Tantillo: Great illustrations.

For Dan Torres: Travels with Elliott.

For Marv Schildhorn: One-liners.

For Tony Adamis: Strength.

For Jean McGarry: Patience.

For Evy Larios: Street planters.

For Adam Bosch: Calm, clear waters.

For Angie Minew: Nice neighbors.

For Paul Brown: Inspiration.

For Tony Marmo: Holiday greetings from the family.

For Julie O’Connor: Great covers.

For Joe Cohen: Ked sneakers.

For Gerry Benjamin: Papal wisdom.

For Harry Van Vliet: Good grub at the Port Ewen Diner.

For Joe Morgan: Christmas cookies.

For Rich Croce: Crushed walnuts.

For Barbara Cohen: Civic ventures.

For Marc Luksberg: A 20,000 Dow.

For Ron and Rose Foster: Highland flings with Aidin.

For Gwen McCann: Time on her hands.

For Steve Pittelman: Bob Young’s swing.

For Tom Wakeman: A low-mileage ’78 Chevy wagon.

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  1. nopolitics

    For Ira Fusfeld:a copy of “The Myth of Mental Illness”, by Thomas Szasz, MD, to share with Alan Chartock.

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