Letters (December 10-17)

mail-letter-sqParanoid letters

There were two letters published in Saugerties Times on Nov. 12 and 26 by Mr. Karl Krause that have troubled me enough to feel that I should respond. The first letter, while answering a person expressing concern about walking in the woods and hearing gunshots nearby, something I feel as well, got off onto another tack in which he called the president a traitor. It is to that part I wish to speak.

To call the president a traitor is harsh indeed, and the first letter didn’t spell out completely the basis for such an extreme view. Fortunately, the second letter did and now we know what Mr. Krause has in mind other than his first improbable assertions. So what can one make of his ideas? Well, we learn half of all Americans are on a terrorist watch list, 159,000,000 people. When you have traveled by air, have you seen half of the would-be passengers turned away because they are on a terrorist watch list? Then there’s Obama’s domestic army as opposed to the US military. What domestic army? Who ever heard of it? Mr. Krause then goes on to state that Obama has instructed the attorney general to raise an army of “American-hating troops.” To do what? I suppose to take over America. How is the AG doing this? Krause tells us in his first letter, through the “Strong Cities Network.” I looked that one up, and it is an association of 25 cities around the world to share information on best strategies for fighting terrorism. New York City is one of them.

So what is one to make of all this absurd nonsense– that Obama is preparing to become an emperor? What is the US military going to do about a “domestic” and a foreign army taking over the country? Is the only way to stop it for everyone to lock him or herself in their homes and fortify them, and only go out swaggering with one’s six-gun strapped to one’s leg looking for a fight?


The easiest thing to do is write this off as some kind of demented fantasy, which it is, but I also think about an old joke which has a small kernel of truth in it. It goes like this: just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get me. So my feeling is that Mr. Krause should be allowed to continue to prowl the barricades. Who knows, someday he might find some real thing we should be concerned about.

Charles Lantz


Holiday success

The Saugerties Chamber of Commerce would like to acknowledge everyone who made this year’s Holiday in the Village a tremendous success!

Thanks go to: Ray and Carol Ann Mayone for the horse and wagon rides which everyone loves and makes this day a real old fashion celebration, to Sue and Victor Sachar who do such a tremendous job as the “Head Elves” for the day, to the Saugerties High School Key Club, Gus Pedersen for coordinating the Holiday Market, Mirabellas for loaning us their outdoor heaters which helped make the participating vendors and shoppers more comfortable, the judges for this year’s window decorating contest– Barbara Bravo, Michael Nelson and Bill Kimble, the fabulous Santa at the Kiersted House and the petting zoo by Michael’s Farm, Police Chief Sinagra and the entire department, the Fire Department for the holiday building lighting, the Dancing Tulip for the boutonnieres for the window judges, Marc Proper for the use of the ’Cue space for the Holiday Market.

A huge thanks to Bob Siracusano and Sawyer Motors and all the other donors for their generosity towards the toy raffle. Thousands of dollars worth of gifts were given to local children. This is what the holidays are all about.

The winners of the fire truck parade of lights organized by the firemen were first place, Leeds, second place, C.A. Lynch and third place Glasco.

The window decorating contest winners were the Hudson Valley Dessert Company (first place), Juda Leah (second place) and Bluestone Roasters (third place).

The days fun events ended with a reading of “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” and the traditional tree lighting at Seamon Park. This event is organized by the Saugerties Kiwanis Club.

Now that the holidays are officially in full swing, don’t forget to shop local!

Saugerties is a great place to shop for those special items that one can’t find in the big box stores. And you get to meet the wonderful local shop keepers who live and work here!

Happy holidays!

Mark Smith, chair
Peggy Schwartz, vice chair
Saugerties Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors


The power of myth

There are urban myths, suburban myths and rural myths. They can be a metaphor for a moral lesson, a historical happening told till it is distorted, or simply, entertainment to enlighten or frighten. Without a doubt, the most destructive of these myths is that of “eminent domain” for one fundamental reason.

Anna E. Wasserbach


Thanks for the well wishes

I want to thank all of you for all the lovely cards, prayers, and positive thoughts you sent me while I was recuperating from my hip surgery. They really meant so much to me and helped keep my spirits high. I am so fortunate to have all of you caring so much about me. I hope to be home in Saugerties very soon and will see you then. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

Lillian Murphy


Guns are the problem

Guns kill people.

Over 200,000 people died by violence in America since September 11, 2001. Only 45 were acts of Islamic terrorism, 48 were acts by white supremacists. In 2015 America, 13 toddlers three and under inadvertently killed themselves with firearms; 18 more injured themselves; 10 injured others and two killed other people! The media-whipped frenzy and perceived threat of Islamic terrorism is grossly exaggerated and disproportionate to real statistics. Why? Islamic terrorism justifies racist profiling, the police state, and foreign wars of aggression. Obsession with revenge against Islamic people is wrong on every level, and only increases acts of violence. But it’s great business for arms merchants. White supremacist Americans committed more terrorist murders than Islamic radicals. Should we do some ethnic profiling on white people? Tighten gun laws? No, that would be bad for gun business. Urging ordinary folks to buy and carry weapons for self defense? Whoever believes that is watching too much television. When babies kill themselves at a higher rate than radical extremists kill others, something is deadly wrong. It’s guns.

Dave Channon