Letter: Salvation Army’s homophobia

letter warningI was dismayed to see another Salvation Army bell ringer in front of the Saugerties Price Chopper and Adams again this year.

I’ve research the up-to-the-minute facts concerning the organization’s position on gay rights to find out that they have tried to “contain” their homophobic position that they are continuing. In the evidence I’ve read, their concern is not shown in apologizing and having a dialogue with the LGBT community, but in trying to cover it up and “handle it.”

As blogger Zinnia Jones in the Huffington Post writes: “The Salvation Army continues to maintain anti-gay theological stances, and continues to discriminate against its own employees and their partners. The organization historically ‘abides’ by anti-discrimination laws by way of shutting down services in areas where such laws apply. The Salvation Army has given no indication that it intends to change any of these anti-LGBT policies.


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“Supporting the Salvation Army this season, whether by tossing your change in their red kettles or donating your used goods to their resale shops, means assisting an aggressively anti-gay church in furthering its goals of discrimination. Would-be donors should consider whether ‘doing the most good’ might mean supporting one of the many other effective and reputable charities that provide for the needy without engaging in anti-gay beliefs, policies, or political activities.”

Additionally, please note that there are many, many other worthwhile local not for profits that Price Chopper and Adams can support that are not homophobic: Family of Woodstock, Saugerties Council of Churches Food Pantry, the Patriot Project, Arc, etc.

Mark Smith