To go global, Tonner stays local

Robert Tonner of Tonner Doll, Kale Kaposhilin of Evolving Media and team members who worked on Tonner’s new website. (Photo: Dan Barton)

Robert Tonner of Tonner Doll, Kale Kaposhilin of Evolving Media Network and team members who worked on Tonner’s new website. (Photo: Dan Barton)

A little synergy between two Uptown Kingston businesses has resulted in a brand-new website for one of the most important doll companies in the world.

On Monday evening, persons from the Tonner Doll Co. and Evolving Media Network, both companies headquarted on Wall Street, gathered for a formal unveiling of Tonner’s new website, designed by Evolving Media.


According to a press release announcing the new site, “The website’s refreshed and simplified look, combined with enhanced content and optimization for browsing on mobile devices, allows consumers to better interact with Tonner Doll online. Key features of the site include a cleaner, more attractive design plus a more engaging user experience with an enhanced single login/account, integrated for Tonner Dolls as well as Wilde Imagination, a subsidiary of the Tonner Doll Company. The improved functionality allows for better overall site performance and faster load times for images and descriptions.”

“We had this very expensive website built four years ago,” said Tonner Doll CEO Robert Tonner. “It was ambitious — overly ambitious, and it never worked right.”

So, after a lot of struggle and a fair amount of negative feedback from users, the company decided to scrap it and start over. Tonner had asked Kale Kaposhilin’s Evolving Media Network company, located kind of catty-corner across Wall, to take a look at the site in hopes of modifying it, but Tonner said Kaposhilin told him it was difficult for his company to work on another company’s product. So when Tonner made the decision to pull the plug and go for an all-new site, he went to Evolving Media Network. “We wanted a clean, modern website,” Tonner said, and he’s happy with the results. “It was absolutely worth it. I’m so glad we went with these guys and I’m so glad they’re across the street. Kingston to Kingston.”

“Our team and the Tonner Doll team worked for over six months on this project,” Kaposhilin said. “[The new site] is fully responsive, which means it resizes itself for your screen” — vital for e-commerce, Kaposhilin said, adding that the unification of Tonner and Wilde Imagination into one website was a huge advance for the company.

“It makes it easier and more enjoyable for customers to purchase” through the site, Kaposhilin said. “Tonner is really one of the greatest brands in the world when it comes to dolls and now their website accurately reflects that. … The bigger picture, though, is two Ulster companies working together,” Kaposhilin added. “We’re really proud to do our great work for such a great company.”

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  1. Deborah Rouse

    The new website undoubtedly functions more efficiently. However, I don’t care for the “look” of the Wilde Imagination section. The original look was more detailed and fitting of the subject matter. For example, “spooky” for Evangeline Ghastly; each doll subject having graphics characterizing their personality.

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