Letters (November 12-19)

mail-letter-sqSolar power: Not just for rooftops

I was inspired by Janet Asiain’s column on the exciting new possibilities for solar power availability in the Hudson Valley, especially as it may come to Saugerties.

I have investigated getting solar power for myself previously, but the cooperative efforts that would be made possible by being part of “Solarize Hudson Valley” would make the somewhat daunting process of understanding and procuring it much easier, more reliable and affordable than had come to believe.

I would like to add a point to Janet’s descriptions. Installations need not be limited to rooftops. If your roof is not suitable due to its position, size, condition, shading or other reason, ground mounted units can be a practical alternative and are readily available in either a purchase or lease situation. They even offer advantages such as positioning or ease of snow removal.


If readers are interested in investigating solar possibilities for their home or business, or being involved in the Solarizing Saugerties process, they can contact Solarize Hudson Valley at 866-205-2999. Doing so may bring a brighter future for all!

Skip Arthur


Gaebel needs to do his homework

Who is this Klaus Gaebel that denigrates and insults the esteemed chair of the Saugerties Democratic Committee, Lanny Walter, in last week’s ( 11/5) column in Saugerties Times? As I see it, Mr. Gaebel is not well-informed enough to be criticizing the chair of the local Democrats when he accusingly states, “Walter was nowhere to be seen … looks like he went on vacation during the campaign.” And when he states, “Walter never came to Legislator Chris Allen’s defense” and when he criticizes Chair Walter’s letter to the editor which stated basic democratic values of the Saugerties Democrats.

Mr. Gaebel has been to no Democratic Committee meetings for many years, so I find it puzzling how he could come to these conclusions. Lanny Walter has been a committed leader since taking leadership of the Saugerties Democratic Committee one year ago. He has been tireless and generous in that leadership and such criticism from someone who has had no contact with the committee has no basis to make such statements.

I guess Mr. Gaebel wasn’t aware of Lanny’s immediate response to the allegations against our Saugerties legislator when he (1.) stood at this side when initially interviewed by the Greene County DA shortly after the incident in question and represented him at his arraignment; (2.) requested a State Board of Elections investigation of the blasphemous and slanderous mailing sent to Saugerties voters defaming Mr. Allen and (3.) that it was only after consultation with Mr. Walter that our former chair sent the letter to be published by Saugerties Times about the mailing.

As to Lanny Walter’s presence during the campaign, he was hardly on vacation. Ask any of the Democratic candidates how many calls and e-mails came from the Democratic chair offering assistance for their campaign during the weeks prior to Election Day. Mr. Walter organized a get-out-the-vote campaign of phone calls for all of our candidates during the final days of the campaign in the town. He secured lists for phone callers to use and arranged meeting places to pick them up. I guess Mr. Gaebel didn’t ask any questions before writing his column or to making such assumptions.

As to Mr. Gaebel’s comment about our chair’s letter to the editor that listed the values of the Saugerties Democratic Committee such as “favoring keeping jobs in the U.S., the income gap, global warming, excessive use of incarceration, and other issues” that Mr.Gabel suggests “have absolutely nothing to do with anything local,” I suggest Mr. Gaebel take time to interview some of the residents of Saugerties who are unemployed because of jobs that have been exported, or can’t find jobs because companies have left the area. I suggest Mr. Gaebel speak to some of our friends in Saugerties working vigorously to cap global warming so as to protect our majestic mountains and streams in the Hudson Valley. I also suggest Mr. Gaebel, prior to writing such statements, speak to our local police commissioner, who carefully monitors arrests and who works hard to support alternatives to incarceration because he knows the harms of excessive incarceration to a community. These issues are local, Mr. Gaebel.

I would suggest Mr. Gaebel work harder on his column prior to writing such criticisms about esteemed members of our community, like Lanny Walter, who work to keep Saugerties a caring, responsible and safe community.

Nancy E.K. Schaef
First vice chair, Saugerties Democratic Committee


A hunting community

I was wondering which community Mr. Michael Sullivan Smith was referring to (Letters, “Saugerties is not a hunting community”)? Not in conjunction with any politics, but the Saugerties area certainly is and always has been a hunting community — not on the fringe of anything. As I sit here this morning typing this words in my village home, I hear two gunshots being sounded by hunters that boat past my home regularly during duck season. The large percentage of people — men, women & children that are becoming of age — I know either hunt or know someone that hunts. It’s a regular and relied upon sport/necessity for people of these parts.

I’ve grown up being taught the importance of safety as well as the dangers of guns and hunting and how to remain safe during hunting seasons. This is important for all to know in this area. I myself don’t hunt, but respect the importance of it for the environment and community and respect other’s interests/need to hunt. I too enjoy the outdoors and a walk in the woods regularly.

-Tricia Patterson, via Saugertiesx.com


I am a Democrat and a historian and I can tell you that hunting for food is something that has been done in Saugerties for generations including my own family. Every year my husband and son are in the woods during deer season hunting for food to provide for our family. To say that there is not history of hunting here in Saugerties is wrong and I know from experience the great care that goes into gun/hunting safety.

-Marjorie Block, via Saugertiesx.com


SAFE Act and what’s at stake 

Saugerties is, in fact, a hunting community. What city transplants don’t realize is that poorer rural folk often still hunt to feed the family. My wife’s father’s family had to hunt and eat anything they could. Hunters have been hunting these woods for thousands of years, so it is you who are invading their woods. And yes, they pay money. Ever heard of a hunting permit? Ever heard of tourism dollars? Post your property like you mean it and most will stay off of it.

Second of all, the SAFE Act has nothing to do with hunting! It restricts Second Amendment rights, which are for militia (definition: civilian defense forces-not my definition, the definition of the guys who wrote the Second Amendment). The types of weapons restricted under the SAFE Act are home-defense weapons which are not normally used for hunting. They would be used, however to repel and deter an invasion of the U.S. It has already been proven that the Japanese did not invade us because of our civilian weapons (“there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass” -Japanese general’s quote). And if you don’t think we are under threat right now, the UN and our traitor president is assembling a foreign army on our soil under the “Strong Cities Network.” Their targets? Basically anyone with traditional American values, about half of our country, will be surveilled and basically treated as terrorists! I am not making this up, it is happening. So for the government to ban measly non-auto rifles, which statistically are not used in crimes, when they have tanks, helicopters, drones, etc. is one-sided overkill. Based on the threat level now from our own government we should have drones, tanks, and attack helicopters! The SAFE Act just criminalizes great, stand up Americans, our retired police, our vets, our firefighters and EMTs, our heroes who know the threats to our nation, and will not give up their rights for the whims of politicians! The government that they defended with their blood and lives now strips them of their basic right to defend themselves. They swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, which includes a traitor president and his cronies! If the Second Amendment is dismantled, you might as well burn your flags, because freedom will cease to exist.

Karl Krause


Democracy in danger

I wish to thank the voters of Saugerties who chose to exercise their right to vote on Election Day. Unfortunately, former party chairs of the once-Democrat Party and once-Republican Party merged to form the new Demo-publican Cartel. Their effort to do all they could to discourage the democratic process was reinforced by weekly rants of a so-called columnist in Saugerties Times, and led to historically low voter turnout leaving all the incumbents in office .

We learned in history class that communist countries did not allow free elections but rather elections with one candidate. As we observe Veterans Day let us remember the sacrifices made both historically and presently to sustain America as a free country. The old adage of “use it or lose it” applies to voting as well. As increasingly important decisions are now made by appointed bureaucrats and non-governmental organizations we are in danger of losing that right. Will anyone notice when it is gone? One needs go no further than speak to a veteran or a naturalized citizen to witness an appreciation of freedom. Thanks to the Conservative Party which answered the need for a free election by giving voters a choice of candidates. Wake up Americans before you lose your right to vote for which many have given their lives.

Gaetana Ciarlante