Letter: Saugerties is not a hunting community

deer sq 2We are not a hunting community. There is this activity but it is fringe.

I personally work in the woods and have no use for guns, thank you, or the strangeness of those that think the woods is fair game for their shooting pleasure whenever hunting season comes around. I pay abnormally high taxes for the woodland I work in and hunters that feel free to shoot into it are not paying anything.

The fact that the Town Board even considered a vote against the sanity of the SAFE Act brings to question their understanding of land use in Saugerties. Have any of them been out for a walk in the woods? Maybe they think voters do but they should know the residents that are property owners of most of the wooded land here do walk it, prefer to be safe, and, though in some cases vote somewhere else, pay the taxes that run this town.


Michael Sullivan Smith

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