Ricci tops in Dem primary for town board

Laura Ricci

Laura Ricci

With two town board seats available and three candidates vying for them, here are the unofficial results of the Democratic Primary in Woodstock:

Laura H. Ricci 202

Jay Wenk         180

Ken Panza         173

There are 19 absentee ballots yet to be counted. A total of 39 were given out by the Ulster County board of elections. Any that are postmarked as of September 9 and received by the County board of elections by September 17 will also be counted.

If the 19 are all that are received, Panza would have to beat Wenk by 14 votes among them to overtake his lead. But remember, each ballot can have two votes on it, so just getting 14 of those votes might not do it, because Wenk might get a few also.