Letters: Saugerties primary

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mail-letter-sqConcerning Chris Allen

I am writing this letter to inform all the residents of District 2 in Saugerties and Malden of how well Legislator Chris Allen does his job serving us as our legislator.

There had been many potholes that had formed and a large ditch that ran down the center of Teetsel St. to the end of the road. My husband and I called these issues to Legislator Allen’s attention and he phoned Mayor Bill Murphy’s office to have them repaired. Within 24 hours of Legislator Allen’s phone call, the Highway Department was on Teetsel St. and the highway crew repaired the road.


I have known Chris Allen for almost 30 years and have always known him to be intelligent and honest and as our legislator he is hard working and follows through with what he says he will do.

I am a registered Republican but on Thursday, Sept. 10, I will write in Chris Allen for Ulster County Legislature so he can carry the Republican line on the November ballot. I would also urge all registered Republicans to write in Chris Allen on Thursday, Sept. 10 in the Republican primary. I know he will continue to do an outstanding job for us as our county legislator.

Carla Winters-Washburn


I am writing this letter to describe how Legislator Chris Allen helped me with a problem that began several years ago when some large scale dumping of construction materials occurred on my neighbor’s property right next to the protected wetlands area in Palenville near the Ulster County line. After I had called numerous government officials in Greene County over a long period of time without any assistance, it made me start correspondence with county officials in Ulster County, because of the water that comes from Palenville into Blue Mountain near your water source in Saugerties. The day that I called Legislator Chris Allen was the day that I got activity and immediate results. Legislator Chris Allen listened to me tell him all of the details of the dumping, and he phoned Assemblyman Peter Lopez’s office in Albany and spoke to some of Assemblyman Lopez’s aides which led to me speaking directly with Peter Lopez that same day when I phoned the office myself. Within a few days, Assemblyman Lopez, his aides and Legislator Chris Allen came to my house in Palenville and my neighbor’s house where they interviewed us and examined the dumping grounds from the adjacent wetlands area in my backyard. Assemblyman Lopez then initiated some inquiry through the State DEC, and I at least got some activity in my case. And although I ended up unhappy with how the DEC allowed the landowners to merely remove the top and middle of the debris piles and then continue to fill with “clean fill”, it was Legislator Chris Allen who made everything happen.

The residents of Saugerties are very lucky to have Chris Allen as their legislator! Legislator Allen is very intelligent, well spoken and he worked well with Assemblyman Lopez in following through with my problem. Prior to phoning Legislator Chris Allen, I got the run around for over two years. If I lived in Saugerties, I would tell everyone to vote for Chris Allen and to write-in Chris Allen in the upcoming primary.Through my dealings with Legislator Chris Allen, I now have a renewed faith in government officials, as there still are government officials who have the honor serve the people they are sworn to represent.

Renee Martin


Chris Allen cares about Saugerties. He grew up here, graduated from Saugerties High School and takes great pride in representing not only his district, but all of Saugerties in the Ulster County Legislature. He attends both the Village and Town Board meetings to keep himself informed on local issues and learn what the county can do to help. He also will help any citizen with a question or concern, including those not in his district. He deserves our votes on Election Day and as a write-in candidate in the primaries.

I don’t personally know his opponents, except by reputation. When filming the Town Board meetings, much time has been devoted to citizens with complaints about the noise levels from a neighbor’s house. The complaints were numerous and covered a wide area. I was surprised to learn the person causing the noise complaints was Angie Minew. If she can’t be a good neighbor, she may not be able to do a good job representing all the citizens of Saugerties.

In the years I’ve filmed the Town Board meetings, his opponents were never in attendance.

Vote for Chris Allen by writing him in on primary day, Thursday, Sept. 10.

Beth Murphy


I have known Legislator Chris Allen for over a year since I first met him while getting a haircut. Upon my introduction to Chris, I was immediately impressed with how articulate, intelligent and driven Chris was towards being our legislator. And through my interactions with parents and other residents around Saugerties, word has spread about how thorough of a job Chris does for the district he represents. As a parent of children in the Saugerties School District, it is also reassuring to know how Chris is so well informed on issues like Common Core that are related to education.

The choice is clear! Write in Chris Allen in the primary for your political party in District 2 for the Ulster County Legislature. Chris will represent your political party with dignity, intelligence and class. Chris Allen deserves your vote as a write-in and in November in the general election.

Katie Cokinos


With the recent decline of various stock market exchanges in the United States and around the world, an analysis is warranted. With the interdependence of the global economy, when one nation’s economy slows down, it affects other economies. When our economy was more isolated, such fluctuations in world markets did not have the same effect on our economy. In the last three decades, however, when one stock market declines, a ripple effect occurs. Economists have told us that these recent declines are merely the result of a periodical correction, but with the valuation of stocks being partially-based upon psychological factors instead of the true-valuation of assets within a particular company, the markets are always ripe for a periodical correction. In addition, the Chinese Stock Market allows investors to set up holdings through a large percentage of loaned money. Consequently, investors in our stock markets have good reason to be nervous, as the global markets are not all playing by the same rules.

Unfortunately, this global economy has caused manufacturing jobs to leave the Unites States while NAFTA has caused many of our jobs to head north to Canada where socialized medicine provides health insurance for employees or south to Mexico where workers are lucky if they receive health insurance. In response, a concerted effort needs to occur around Ulster County and New York State in order to get jobs back into our local area. Currently, there is a well coordinated effort to market Ulster County to perspective companies and small business owners through the Ulster County Economic Development Corporation, the county executive’s office and the Economic Development Committee within the legislature which I sit on. I myself am trying to entice a large company to expand and come onto Kings Highway, as this company is a large employer in upstate New York. Hopefully through these efforts, we can bring quality jobs back into Ulster County.

In addition, I want to thank the voters for their votes in the upcoming primaries where I will receive a cross endorsement in the Republican, Independence and Conservative parties by the voters through a write-in campaign. Unfortunately, political-party bosses have ideological-based blinders on, and they only want to advance the membership numbers of their party without regard for whether or not they are putting up candidates who are far less qualified, informed and knowledgeable. As a candidate, I do not resort to sales gimmicks to create a dialogue with the voters, as I do not offer free dinners or car washes as a means to talk with voters, and I do not use fellow Saugertiesians to invite people who are strangers into groups on Facebook without their permission in order to try and win an election. I also have the good sense not to put my signs on private property without permission or in the middle of the sidewalk where young mothers or handicapped individuals may have their path impeded. The voters in Saugerties appreciate a clean campaign! Thank you for your continued support.

Chris Allen
Ulster County Legislature