Letters (August 13-20)

mail-letter-sqDisloyal Republicans

I was at the Republican caucus and was blown away that there were extreme levels of support for a candidate supported by the Democrats. Others also received support as well as who carry the Working Families and Democratic line while there were Republican candidates and Conservatives in the room.

Where are the values of the Republican Party when Republicans have to fight to gain an endorsement over a Democrat? Last I checked Republicans and Conservatives do not lurk at Democratic caucuses browbeating and manipulating the system for an endorsement! It seems like a bunch of deal-makers to me instead of standing by what you believe and what’s right for the people of Saugerties. Makes me sick! To think that it is the law of the “good old boys club” and not the right of the voter to have a choice!

I have been a registered Republican for 19 years! I know my principles, beliefs, values — where are they here that a person can be cross-endorsed “just to gain lines”? Last time I checked a Republican was a Republican and a Democrat was a Democrat— two different sets of beliefs, values, principles which on occasion should be able to work out whatever the issue. It seems impossible here in Saugerties as rules provided and stated cannot be followed and the former chair of the Republican Party speaks for Democrats and not one of our own! We need a huge reform within the party and in this town! Maybe a petition system, earlier caucuses or simple a “no” policy for Democratic candidates if a challenge exists— everything doesn’t always have to be “politically correct”!


Raymond Minew


Another choice

I wish to thank the Saugerties Republicans who voted for me for town supervisor at the Saugerties Republican caucus. The caucus was well run by Tom Turco and his staff from the Board of Elections and I had no doubt that all was done fairly. Sadly at the end of the caucus remarks of disappointment could be heard from exiting Republicans stating that there was no longer a Republican Party in Saugerties. The comment reflected the fact that only one out of four successful candidates was a Republican. One lady, Elenore, told me I was a winner because I challenged the Saugerties political machine of Helsmoortel, Catalinotto and Costello. Never the less Greg Helsmoortel did garner 27 votes more that I had.

The real losers are the people of Saugerties, who were robbed of their right to elect their representatives and, instead, had the same candidate shoved down their throats from both sides. There’s something wrong with an “election” that offers but one candidate and the only choice the voter gets is which line to elect him on — it’s just not the American way.

Because taxpayers should not be denied that “other” name to choose from, and with the full knowledge that not having one of the major parties backing me will make it difficult to win, I have decided to remain on the ballot on the Conservative line. Voters need another choice and that other choice will be me.

If you are unhappy with the current administration, vote for me;

If you are tired of tax-and-spend politicians, vote for me;

If you are tired of secrecy and dishonesty, vote for me;

If you don’t like the practice of special-interest political party bosses with their own agenda, deciding who you will be permitted to vote for, vote for me;

But mainly, If you feel that I will do a better job, then certainly, vote for me.

Gaetana Ciarlante


Why nothing changes

So the Democrat (who is a former Republican) is now also the Republican, and we wonder why nothing really changes in this town or that very little improves.

Sean Skidmore
Via Saugertiesx.com


Political inertia

Being a thruway stop for IBM bedrooms guaranteed revenue expectations that gave a false sense of security to politicians for nearly half a century.

Now that that’s all gone pretenses of still living through the accomplishments of those years is just as much a falsehood.

An election is a time for reflection on such criticism and if these pretenses are expressed universally we remain helpless against the forces that have controlled our fate for this past half century.

The real issue of this election is that progress is stifled by this long, long political inertia. This was expressed decisively in the op-ed in this paper before the last village election. The current cross endorsement for supervisor has just moved the argument to the town.

There is either no new blood in our parties or the politically active youth of Saugerties are now here only on weekends and vote in Brooklyn.

Michael Sullivan Smith


Make it three

I would like to thank the 250 Republicans who attended the Town Caucus on August 6 for taking the time to participate in the electoral process. Special thanks to Ulster County Board of Elections Commissioner Tom Turco and his staff for doing a great job running the caucus.

As a result of the caucus most town offices will be uncontested this year. However, Saugerties Republicans will have the opportunity to have three registered Republicans on the Town Board by electing Allyson Barbaria.

Allyson is a lifelong Saugerties resident who resides in West Saugerties with her husband of 23 years, Lou, and her three children. Allyson raised her family while her husband was attending law enforcement and military training and service (Lou had two overseas deployments and served in the Iraq War). Her son Marcello serves as a U.S. Navy Seabee. She is a valued employee for a local accounting firm that administers million-dollar accounts which will help her effectively monitor town finances. Allyson has also been endorsed by the Conservative and Reform Parties.

To learn more about Allyson, visit her webpage: www.AllysonforSaugerties.com and like her Facebook Page. The more Saugerties residents learn about Allyson I’m sure they will agree with me that she will be a valuable addition to the Saugerties Town Board.

Joe Roberti, Jr.
Chairman, Saugerties Republican Committee


Thornton thanks

I would like to take this opportunity thank everyone who signed my designating petitions for the Independence and Working Families Party last month. Special thanks to all members of the Democratic Party and Republican Party who came out to their respective party caucuses to support my nomination for Town Council. It is an honor to work with so many of you on the many town committees that I am liaison too. I pledge to continue to work for everyone in our community and look forward to seeing you on the “Campaign Trail” in the months ahead!

Leeanne Thornton