Letter: Jim Sottile sticks up for Steve Noble

ktx hudsonfultonstampGrants truth will prevail

I welcome this opportunity to set the record straight with regard to the City of Kingston grant process during my 10-year administration. A recent story appeared in your publication that contained several examples of misleading, misguided and misinformation on the subject. While I can appreciate the frustration of any individual not familiar with the complicated and confusing process of obtaining state and federal grants, the truth will ultimately prevail when records of these grants are examined, especially as it concerns two people who were members of my administration. To state it as simply as possible, the accusations made against Steve Noble are malicious and without any foundation of fact. That they are being made by someone who should know better is especially reprehensible.

The grant process requires understanding, patience and skill to complete the requirements demanded of those who would use federal or state funding to complete worthy projects beyond the financial means of a municipality. I am proud of the number of grants and infrastructure projects completed during my tenure as mayor, many of which addressed critical underground sewer replacement undertakings that had been long neglected by past administrators. With valuable assistance from Steve Noble, Steve Finkle and others in various departments, we were able to secure many valuable and instituted many important projects. Below is a partial listing of the grants secured with Steve Noble’s help:

  1. Single Stream recycling bins and vehicles — $233,000
  2. Walkway along the Rondout Creek
  3. Kirkland Hotel
  4. New bulkhead along Rondout Creek
  5. Treatment plant upgrades — $500,000
  6. New parking lot for the TrolleyMuseum
  7. Carnegie Library
  8. Wilbur Avenue pump station
  9. Wilbur Avenue siphon line
  10. Sewer work: Lucas Avenue, Washington Avenue, Clinton Avenue, Greenkill Avenue, Abeel Street, Montrepose Avenue, Pine Grove Avenue, Main Street, Pearl Street, Linderman Avenue and O’Neil Street, just to name a few.
  11. NYS Parks and Recreation grant, zoo — $15,000
  12. Clean Air, Cool Planet community catalyst fund — $2,250
  13. Ulster County Youth Bureau, educational programs — $13,000
  14. NYS Estuary Grant, storm water — $60,000
  15. NYS DEC recycling education — $43,472
  16. NYS watershed management for Rondout Creek — $126,908
  17. NYSERDA energy management grant — $52,4560

I could mention many more to make the point that was misrepresented in the article. The important thing to know about the list I have presented is that they are all real projects that have made our community a better place. These capital endeavors were made possible through the hard work of city staff, with great leadership demonstrated by Steve Noble.


James M. Sottile, Kingston

(Editor’s note: The writer served as mayor of Kingston from 2002-2011.)



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  1. Rainier Parade

    There is absolutely no low Gallo won’t stoop to when it comes to his desperate attempt to hold onto power. This is a glaring example of just how loathsome the man’s character truly is. The city won’t survive another four years of this.

    1. citizen K

      Mr Gallo has done a fine job as mayor… does he want his job? yes! he loves it! It is NOT about power, it is about the opportunity to do great work for the public:
      prepared 4 budgets within the state 2% cap
      KIngston credit rating improved and the costs of borrowing are reduced
      3 Union contracts… all done smoothly, fairly and with no tax increases, layoffs, retroactive actions…
      Come on! you have a problem with that kind of performance?

    2. gerald berke

      You saw my comment: Sottile’s comments don’t pass the sniff test: it doesn’t smell good, so you eat it at some real risk.
      That’s a laundry list and it’s just plain silly.

  2. gerald berke

    That doesn’t pass the sniff test. Steve was on Sottiles staff, so that list would include everybody. This is really just mischief from Sottile. Sheesh.
    Mr Sottile could serve himself better (and the citizens of KIngston) with true representation of Steve’s work which I expect would show real contribution and show that Sottile really did know which members of his staff headed the various grants… this “moved heaven and earth” testimonial tells us nothing at all. That’s a shame.

    1. Susan

      You got that right Gerald Berke. More has happened during Gallo’s 4 years than in Sottile’s time and Greg Swanzey’s management of the Office of Economic Development towers over anything done previously.

        1. Susan

          I agree. People need to work together to make this place happen. Gallo and Swanzey have asked for input and allowed for it. What a team!

          1. gerald berke

            Not to find fault, but there is lots of room for improvement. Indeed there has been improvement over the years with this administration, with Facebook postings, meetings, postings of the city’s web site and a partial revamping of the city’s web site…
            Understand, it still lacks. Understand it is under utilized. The Common Council makes slim use of the city site, the email addresses are hit and miss, Kingston does not have a communications policy (who responds in what way from each department, etc) and the mayor himself could really avail himself of the web site rather than using the Freeman which serves nobody very well, certainly not the city or the mayor.
            And there are sections that were identified by the Main Street Manager program for new residents, for new businesses, for visitors that just aren’t there yet.

  3. Keith White

    You pro-Gallo supporters should heed this warning, “Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.” You’re drinking the Kool-aid. Remember this also. Gallo’s budgets do not include Chris Rea’s payouts. All due very soon. They by themselves will raise Kingston ‘ s taxes. Don’t complain. You put your trust in someone like Gallo, you get what you deserve. You pick apples for the King and he gives you one if you behave. Wake up. You’re being played.

  4. gerald berke

    Steve Noble position is that the city ought to state clearly what is is going to do and then keep people up to date… that dictum would apply to political commentary.. what did the man say he would do, what is he doing… The Rea case is unsettling and it is also an unsettled matter before the courts. “You never count your winnings when you’re sitting at the table, there will be time enough… when the dealing’s done…”
    If the court supports the administrations position, I don’t expect to see people upset and rushing to say “omg! I was wrong, the administration was right”…nope, it’ll just be “the courts are stupid! for ruling for the admin.”
    All such cases ought to be prosecuted with a view to the law, not to the recommendation of the screen actors guide to getting nominated for Academy Awards for best drama…” Under law, we have innocent until proven guilty and prosecution must be circumspect in pursuing an innocent citizen. And if the citizen is found guilty, partially or wholly, we need to take note of “guilty of what?”… some misconduct is worthy of reprimand but ought not to undo years of service and affection.
    We make both sides unwitting pawns of our own dearth of charity.

  5. Randy Daine

    Peuleuse – Now that he is in office the “Model” Mayor seen dancing on the catwalk at a Harley Davidson event, will do nothing but dance around
    and collect a salary for not returning phone calls regarding the noisy,
    garbage bomb trains and will put off bus riders with their concerne –
    “Get back to me in a couple of months.” This city is headed downhill
    and will not be coming back any time soon, if ever.

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