Letter: Glaring omissions in complaint about Saugerties Legion baseball heckler

baseball silhouette SQI’d like to respond to the letter submitted to the Saugerties Times by Schenectady parent and teacher Laura Favata, who took exception to a fan at her son’s American Legion game on July 20. In her letter she gives a verbal spanking to not only the Saugerties fan, but also the Saugerties coaches and parents for not acting to stop this fan from what she viewed from the Cantine grandstand as his verbal harassment (bullying) towards the Schenectady team. Ms. Favata goes on in her letter to alert readers of her high standing as a teacher and responsible member of the Schenectady community and goes on to educate all as to the proper way the incident should have been handled.

Well Ms. Favata, I have to be the bearer of bad news… I call BS on you. For your information I too sat in the grandstand that night, two rows below the group of Schenectady parents which, I would have to assume, you were a part of or at worst-case were in close proximity to and I have to say I saw a picture quite different from the one you painted in your attempt to embarrass the Saugerties parents and coaches..

I saw no mention in your letter of the Schenectady men who were screaming at the Saugerties player calling him (by number) “bush league” and “a disgrace.” Nor did I hear you mention the other Schenectady parent who yelled “I hate that kid” for all to hear. Incidentally their verbal attacks were because the Saugerties player was merely holding his arms out and shaking his batting gloves while he was taking his lead off first base (i.e. being a kid). The Schenectady parents taunting went on the entire time this kid was on base and reached a peak as he ran off the field to the dugout. (Incidentally, this all occurred prior to the Saugerties fan beginning his antics and was more than likely what got him going.)


Laura, as an elite educator and high-standing, holier-than-thou member of the Schenectady community, did you do anything to stop the Schenectady parents you were sitting next to for bullying the 18-year-old from Saugerties whose only crime was his acting like a kid? Nope, didn’t think so. Being you felt it necessary to try to publicly shame others, I think it was quite hypocritical, not to mention negligent and underhanded of you, to turn your back and ignore what those men from Schenectady were saying and then go on the attack against the people of Saugerties.

That being said, I feel adults should keep their mouths shut if they don’t have anything positive to say at these games, and Ms. Favata, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and act is if their dignity is above everyone else…and oh yeah, always tell the entire truth, I’m sure you would want your students to.

Karl Lezette