Trustee: Opt-out comments have been misquoted on social media

school DO SQSince everything I learned I did not learn on Facebook hence my lack of use or need for such social media sites — I did learn from some excellent educators as I continue to challenge an educate myself today — a few excellent skills amazingly include objective listening, reiterate a conversation accurately, conducting my own research, and a seemingly seamless ability to multitask-   So with that being said I have been misquoted on society’s own version of Wikipedia known as Facebook. All I ask if that if you’re going to quote me please do it correctly…

Read article: Teachers responsible for test opt-outs, says Saugerties School Board trustee

“I want to start this part of what I have to say tonight with assuring the parents here that are stating their children were forced to complete harder exams claims are incorrect- the instruction provided to your child was not a test. I feel the need to address the elephant in the room.


“What baffles my mind is that we are even asking the question should our kids test? We have always had testing- when I was in school it was the CTBS test and before that was the Iowa test…on those test days we sat all day long and we tested. I’m not saying that was right but those are the facts.

“Objections do not have to do with effectiveness or legitimacy of the test or better yet the physiological impact on our children for taking these test. Instead the cold, hard facts are that the opt-out movement is driven by New York State teacher unions. I personal received several phone calls myself from automated systems urging me to opt my children out — who by the way tested today and said the test were easy — NYS teacher unions are encouraging civil disobedience and are shamelessly using our children to fight this battle for them. Our children should not be used as political weapons and instead should be taught respect and accountability. Our teachers operate in an occupation that is one of the most important and influential to our society! With that being said thank you to those of you who act professionally, for you deserve to be part of a child’s educational process. And for those educators that feel manipulating young children and encouraging them to challenge their parents, become civilly disobedient, I urge you to look up the word federal mandate, Google the effects a teacher has on today’s youth, perhaps reread your contract you may need a career change.

“I took an oath– regardless of what I personally feel about Common Core, how it was rolled out, federal funding, or testing…I swore to uphold the law so that is what I will do. Your fight isn’t here– your fight is in Albany! Democracy really does work, it takes time and may seem slow but it works! Your children or the children you teach are not pawns so stop using them that way! In my opinion those of you who have decided that accountability is not a teachable trait and that our children are best used as political pawns you should be ashamed of yourselves not me or any of us sitting here of which is said to us time and time again! We are doing our jobs! I have been to Albany for this very topic on my own time– have you?”

Again I ask if you’re going to quote me please do so accurately.

Angie Minew



The writer is a Saugerties School Board trustee.