Snow Bear plays Snug’s in New Paltz

snowbear-@A few years ago, if your band booked a bar gig in New Paltz and was surprised to find a small turnout and very little of the in-and-out foot traffic that characterizes New Paltz shows, there was usually just one viable explanation: Snow Bear was playing somewhere else on the street. That body-magnet of a band was a phenomenon, a Dionysian, disco-jam dance party every time out.

Snow Bear has slowed a bit in recent years due to new families, new projects and other such life-span inevitabilities, but that makes it even more of an event when they jam – as they will, with another New Paltz institution Misfit Toys, on Friday, September 20 at Snug Harbor in New Paltz. Per usual on Main Street, the show starts around 11 p.m. Snug Harbor is located at 38 Main Street in New Paltz.