Kate Pierson at BSP in Kingston on Tuesday

Kate Pierson

Kate Pierson

Kate Pierson has one of those voices that you recognize instantly. She’s best-known as a trilling and occasionally soloing member of the B-52s, but has also graced other memorable songs including Iggy Pop’s grand “Candy” and REM’s jaunty “ Shiny Happy People.”

Now Pierson, who has lived in Woodstock and run the funky Lazy Meadow motel in that area for years, has her first solo album out, titled Guitars and Microphones. It’s infectious, upbeat and positive yet clear-eyed and straightforward about the issues and open-armed worldview that the singer has long championed. A new music video features Fred Armison on guitar, various kids and others chiming in and a chorus that notes how “nothing hurts when you’re beautiful” – albeit not in terms of natural looks, but how one sees and creates oneself. Yes!

Kate Pierson has been playing exclusive local concerts before taking what she has created out on the road. She’ll appear at Kingston’s intimate BSP Front Room lounge in Uptown Kingston on Tuesday, February 24.



Kate Pierson, Tuesday, February 24, 8 p.m., $15 advance/$20 door, Backstage Productions, 323 Wall Street, Kingston; (845) 481-5158, www.bspkingston.com.