Helsmoortel: Nothing secret about Town Board agenda

#-town-hall-winterLast week there was a letter to the editor from Gaetana Ciarlante criticizing the town board and myself for agenda items. She accused us of violating article 103e of the New York State Open Meetings Law. We have checked with the New York State Association of Towns Legal Department and New York State Department of State and our procedure, as we knew, was legal. No matter how Ms. Ciarlante wants to twist what she stated, she is wrong.

She was also wrong in saying that the committee we created will spend taxpayer money. We have been assured by Cornell Cooperative that this sidewalk project, primarily for high school and junior high student’s safety, will not cost us money.

She is wrong in saying that after 15 years I should have known better. I did know better. I knew that what we were doing was legal.


There was nothing “secret” in what we were doing.

Greg Helsmoortel

Town supervisor