Volunteers assist with Cantine Field renovations

cantine field HZTOn Saturday, Jan. 17 a crew of volunteers assembled by Rich Koegel, Jerry Malgieri Sr. and Chris Fabiano, coaches of the American Legion Baseball Team, installed the trusses and roof at the expanded American Legion Press Box/Concession/Clubhouse Building on Cantine Field # 11. Volunteers included Jack Warns, Chris Lavine, Doc Silinovich, Chris Fabiano, Mike Koegel, Pete (Coach) Kramer, Jerry Malgieri. The Crane and Lift Basket Boom were donated, along with the operators for both. Several department staff members assisted and lunch was donated by Sue’s Restaurant. The crew started early that bright sunny morning when the temperature was only 4 degrees but, luckily, there was no wind. In carrying on the long tradition of volunteering and contributing that has resulted in so much of what Saugerties enjoys and outsiders envy, this lates, only adds to the never ending list and makes the Cantine Veterans Sports Complex what it is today. Superintendent Greg Chorvas, on behalf of his staff, the Recreation Committee and Town Board extends his sincere thanks and appreciation to Jack, Chris L., Chris F., Doc, Mike, Pete, Jerry and Rich, along with Sarge, Ken Benson, Fred Costello, Albert Riozzi and Fred Costello Jr.

Photo: Jack Warns, Chris Lavine, Rob Kleemann