Hugh Reynolds: Holiday wishes

K702 Santa HughHere it is again, folks, the non-inclusive but by no means exclusive holiday list. Not everybody makes it every year; I’ve never been on it. It saves a lot of postage.

So for all those who have been naughty or nice, may your days be happy and bright.

For Bill Carey: Toni Sawyer’s paint brush.

For Harry Van Vliet: Frank Faluotico’s parking spot.

For Tom Petro: Stout defense.

For Tracey Bartels: A ride in a sheriff’s cruiser.

For Laura Chasin: Holidays with Lucca.

For Warren Lawrence: 75 more years at WKNY.

For Ken Wishnick: Just a few more questions, please.

For Matt Dunn: An autographed copy of the mayor’s message.


For Judy Hansen: A trip to Niagara Falls.

For Anna Brett: A hundred years at KHS.

For Jeremy Blaber: A phone call from Hillary’s campaign.

For Joan Lawrence Bauer: Teen angels.

For Joe Pisani: Inspired research.

For W.T. Reynolds: Brotherly love.

For Ilene Hinchey: Travels with Maurice.

For Deb Alexa and Julie O’Connor: Brunches at Mohonk.

For Marcel Marceau: Guest soloist at the Festival for the Voice.

For Lisa Mance: Maybe next year.

For Art Cramer: Blue skies.

For Mike Harkavy: A fund-raiser at Diamond Mills.

For Elliott Auerbach: A guest shot on Casino Royale II.

For Bruce Ackerman: Cartoonish characters.

For Adam Bosch: Cool, clear water.

For Gerry Benjamin: A guest shot in another remake of The Nutty Professor.

For Paul Brown: A room at Park Point.

For Jim Hanstein: A mention in the new J. Edgar Hoover book.

For Andrew Cuomo: Teacher’s pet.

For Pete Lopez: Breakfast at Glasco Firehouse.

For Krista Barringer: Ditto.

For Annmarie Harms: Happy trails.

For Nina Postupack: Chris Tappen’s long lost portrait.

For Mike Kavanagh: Top down, head up, warm memories.

For Paul Padalino: Low bids.

For Fawn Tantillo: A spending spree at Coldwater Creek Boutique.

For Ernie Hunt: Trail mix.

For Joe Roberti: Parting shots.

For Elizabeth Jackson: Full steam ahead.

For Joe Morgan: Amy’s tool box.

For Sophia Reuner: Christmas carols sung by Kevin Quilty.

For Nina Postupack: A portrait of Christopher Tappen.

For Ward Todd: Chamber music.

For John Lindberg: A portrait of Whistler’s mother.

For Maureen Keegan: Fast horses.

For Stacey Rein: A million-dollar United Way campaign.

For Bill Spearman: Lessons in large-group psychology.

For Joe Deegan: Deals, deals and more deals.

For Ed Palladino: Holiday greetings from Jimmy Cannon.

For Don Gregorius: A great season at shortstop.

For Dennis Wakeman: Broadway lights.

For Eddie Nekos: Old Dutch solos.

For Ralph Caterino: Hair-raising videos.

For Vernon Benjamin: The Alf Evers Award.

For Sam Appa: Bells and whistles.

For Tink Washington: Two-dollar drinks.

For Luks and Pitts: A golfing trip to Myrtle Beach.

For Pat Finch: Another 3000 miles on her vintage Camry.

For Steve Haun: Juice.

For Dietz Diner’s Andy and Helen: Trainloads of tourists.

For Fran and Derek: An audition with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

For Ted Dietz: Dutch treats.

For John Dittus: A ’41 Caddy.

For Al Spada: Pete Savago’s old sports coats.

For Amy Murphy: Duck boots.

For Jack Gill: RIP.

For Steve Schabot: The Ron Woods Cornell Park Award.

For Joe O’Connor: Al Mainetti’s old Mercedes.

For Gary Bellows: Hip boots.

For Tobi Watson: A stocking stuffer from Mr. Coffee.

For Cynthia Werthamer: Lunch with Leon.

For Gaetana Ciarlante: A party of her own.

For Ken Hassett: Ditto.

For Kevin Cahill: Governing Magazine’s first annual Mike Hein Award.

For Dave O’Halloran: Slots.

For Shayne Gallo: A case of Advil.

For Joe Deegan: Broadway revivals.

For Lynn Woods and Stephen Blauweiss: Boffo reviews.

For Jon Hoyt: A bit part in the remake of “Where the Girls Are.”

For Fred Bell: Hoyt’s perfect plan.

For John Parete: Strange bedfellows.

For Mike Hein: The cover of Rolling Stone.

For John Coutant: Guided tours of the town hall.

For Sylvia Rozzelle: Neil Grant’s autobiography, “There’s No Law West of Boiceville.”

For Kevin Ginty: A guest shot with (Irish) Culture Club.

For Susan Zimet: The executive tower in the new Zimet Town Office Building.

For Erica Guerin: Friends in media.

For Dan Barton: A huge first anniversary party.

For Charlie Rosen: The ultimate basketball book.

For Rick Esposito: Pumping iron with Arnold.

For Bill Berardi: Things that add up.

For Paul Van Blarcum: A new Barney Fife.

For Jim Carey: A walk in the sun.

For Pete Roberts: General Vaughan’s lost diary.

For Chris Gibson: A two-week retreat with Planned Parenthood.

For Kevin O’Connor: Artistic success.

For Saugerties Village: Friendly historic oversight.

For Terry Bernardo: Medals from the DAR.

For Ed Ford: Another edition of “Streetwise.

For Bill Larkin: Ed Ford’s longevity.

For Health Alliance: Tony Marmo’s “Hope is not a Plan.”

For Bob Aiello: A rematch with future senator Chris Allen.

For Brian Seche: Resolve.

For Deb Brown: Company.

For Barbara Rimai: A visit from the Maytag repairman.

For Sean Eldridge: The cover of The New Yorker magazine.

For Barbara Cohen: Tasty treats at Reher Bakery.

For Gwen McCann: Boys, boys and more boys

For Dean Gitter: A hotel on a mountain (Rainier).

For Chris Reif: Guest body man on Fast & Furious.

For Dan Reinhard: The White Eagle Golden Kielbasa Award.

For Phyllis McCabe: Publication of “Lords of the Hudson” (photos of churches) in 2015.

For Liz Benjamin: An invitation from 60 Minutes.

For Don Katt: A worthy successor.

For Ed Gaddy: Dinner with the Working Families Party.

For Rob Reynolds: Southbound trips on the Thruway.

For David Reynolds: Gerry Ford’s old football helmet.

For Ryan Reynolds: Hops.

For Katie Reynolds: Instant wardrobes.

For Rose and Ron Foster: Happy days in Highland.

For Hayes Clement: A stop sign in front of his house.

For Burt Gulnick: Crystal balls.

For Gerry Gretzinger: A church bazaar next summer.

For Roger Rascoe: A gift certificate to the Postage Inn.

For Frank Cardinale: Lots of campaign cash.

For Kevin Bryant: Mike Bruhn’s bumper stickers.

For Manna Jo Greene: Stilettos.