Letters (October 16-23)

mailEldridge needs to pay his dues

What do Sean Eldridge-D and Maurice Hinchey-D have in common other than the “D” after their name? Actually they have very little in common. Mr. Hinchey, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, worked as a laborer in a cement plant before working his way through college as a toll collector on the Thruway. Raised in Saugerties, Hinchey went on to serve 18 years in the State Assembly before he became a U.S. Congressman at the age of 55. Please note that Hinchey had a distinguished career in public service before he became a Congressman, he had paid his dues.

What has Mr. Eldridge done that makes him think he is qualified, at the ripe old age of 28, to represent a district he recently moved to, in the US Congress? Has he ever held a real job?

Mr. Eldridge has no prior experience in public service, he hasn’t even served on a school board or town board. Perhaps he should consider running for county or state level elected positions before trying to buy a seat in the U.S. Congress with his husband’s money.


Mr. Eldridge is against PAC money, of course he can afford to be. He is being financed by his husband’s $600 million fortune. Is that who we want representing us? Only rich people who can afford to buy a seat?

Mr. Eldridge, with all due respect, you need to pay your dues before you qualify to be my U.S. Congressman, and that’s not a payment you can cover with a check from your husband’s bank account.

A final word to the Democratic voters who vote the party line: Mr. Eldridge is no Maurice Hinchey. Not even close.

Gregory Kleen
West Saugerties


Take it slow near  Glasco Tpke. bridge

I want to thank the Ulster County Public Works people for making our bridge over the Esopus on Glasco Tpke. off Rt. 9W safe again. Also, a bonus in that we got newly paved roadway in the area.

Now, if we could just get drivers to respect not only the speed limit (35 mph), but also to use some sense when approaching the hairpin turn at the top of the hill. Quite a lot of them do not bother to slow down at all. Those of us who live just around that curve have to use not only our eyes when coming out of the driveways but our ears, too, as there are only a few yards of visibility before cars and some enormous trucks come up from 9W, so we need every warning sign we can get in order not to get flattened when walking across Glasco for mail, etc. It was rather a luxury when the bridge was closed most of this year. We could stroll leisurely across without fear of imminent death.

But never mind about us humans. We invented cars, so it’s our own fault. But I do feel bad for our furry neighbors who had several months of relative safety, but now, with the sudden return of speeding traffic, they are dropping like flies again. I have had to remove several sad corpses this first week alone.

It really doesn’t take much effort to decrease speed coming up to a sharp turn, does it? I ask that anyone reading this please do so. Thank you, for the wildlife.

Eileen Fay



Local GOP not helping party’s pick for gov

My observations of the Saugerties Republican party officials create serious concerns. The lack of signs for Rob Astorino for governor of New York is glaringly obvious. Why has chairman Joe Roberti Jr. and his executive committee failed to have any signs at all for Rob Astorino while he has large display signs for every other GOP candidate? You should know that Rob Astorino is the Republican Party nominee for governor.

When gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino came to Kingston two weeks ago, the Saugerties Republican leadership was nowhere to be found. Rumor has it that Roberti and his cronies are supporting the Democrat; the same one who forced upon us the dreaded Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act and rammed it through with a “message of necessity”; the same law that has made many legal responsible gun owners into felons and the same law which the majority of voters in Saugerties and Ulster County vehemently protested; the same law that is making us victims of violent crimes at a time when Americans are facing ever increasing violence; the same governor who is promoting abortions up to 9th month of pregnancy, accurately called infanticide. Astorino stands opposed to all of these oppressive actions that Gov. Cuomo has promoted and passed.

Roberti has engaged in no advocacy, no promotion, no sign of support for the choice of the Republican people. The Republican committee bylaws state the Republican committee must support the Republican candidate. Common sense mandates they support their party’s candidate and the Republican electorate trusts them to do so. Rumor has it that Joe Roberti has offered to re-write the Party’s disloyalty bylaws. How convenient!

Is Roberti once again misrepresenting the will of the Republican voters? Isn’t it time for honest leadership in the Republican party?

The Republican Headquarters in Kingston has Astorino signs waiting for the Saugerties Republican leadership or you may go directly to the Astorino Campaign Headquarters which has supplied me and others with the Astorino signs currently displayed in Saugerties.

Gaetana Ciarlante


Kiwanis Club donation thanks

On behalf of the Town of Saugerties Animal Shelter, I wish to thank the Kiwanis Club of Saugerties for its generous gift of $1,000 to our facility. The contribution will be used towards the purchase of materials needed to complete our renovation projects being done to make life a little more pleasant for the dogs and cats that come to stay with us while we find their owner or find them a new home. In a short while we will be starting to put a new roof on the building. These funds will go a long way in purchasing roofing material. The work itself is being done pro bono by Guy Monfett.

I personally feel the club has been a blessing to us, one I will never forget.

Marie Post
Animal shelter manager


Ebola requires strong response

The second case of ebola in the United States, as of this writing, is an infected nurse. According to the CDC and the World Health Organization, she really loved her work and “may have gone too far in trying to help” Thomas Eric Duncan, who died from the disease, the first American to die on American soil. He checked himself into the hospital presenting a body temperature of 103 and all other classic symptoms. He was sent home with a script for antibiotics which do nothing for a viral infection. Obviously, he returned to the hospital for treatment where he died.

Did Mr. Duncan need to die? Funny thing, the two “white doctors” who were working with infected patients in Liberia contracted the disease, were sent back to America, were treated and cured within 2-3 weeks with a drug called ZMapp. Mr. Duncan did not get ZMapp, but he did get screwed. Now the CDC is taking chances with the entire American population by keeping all flights to and from Liberia open.

Where is the president. Where are our politicians? Is the election too close to take a position?

Let’s face the truth. If Mr. Duncan was treated like the American doctors and survived like they did, we would see lines of infected people in Liberia trying to get to the United States for treatment. Drug companies haven’t worked on this disease because poor people can’t afford the treatment and before now there were no cases in the United States so there was really no market for it and so, no money to be made from it.

Let’s hope our country takes a much more aggressive approach in addressing this health crisis.

Robert Aiello