Letters: WiFi’s hazards, Niagara Bottling, CMRR

ktx sq lomo 1923 Abraham Lincoln 3-cent stampDrop the CMRR suit

Ulster County Legislature Resolution 273 to drop the litigation with the Catskill Mountain Railroad did not come up for a vote before the 23 legislators, because the resolution was stopped in the Laws & Rules Committee by three legislators: Ken Ronk (728-3276), Kevin Roberts (566-7663), & Lynn Archer (626-7358). Call them at the above phone numbers and ask them to change their votes so we can stop spending taxpayer money to hurt the Kingston Plaza train ride tourist attraction which is helping our economy by bringing people into Kingston and Ulster County to spend money and have fun.

Ralph Mitchell, Kingston

Oughtta be a crime

Selling pure public water to a corporation to be bottled and resold in a deli in Manhattan should be a crime. It is stolen from us. Clean water is our most precious natural resource in this American northeast. Clean water is disappearing worldwide. Every drop from every faucet should be appreciated as if it were a diamond dropping into the drain. More so. We can live without diamonds.

Kingston City Government: What are you thinking? The loss of almost 2 million gallons every day of a rare, life-giving, endangered resource overwhelms any gain you make in fees, jobs, and taxes. The jobs will be low-pay; the corporate profit margins from our water, enormous. And Cooper Lake virtually dried up during a drought just two years ago. If water is low, who will have priority, the Kingston Fire Department or Niagara Corporation?


Residents of Painted Post, a town in Western New York, sued and won because their town government sold 1 million pristine gallons a day from their aquifer. The corporation that bought it, a subsidiary of Chevron, is appealing.

Water drinkers from all towns should watch a documentary, “Flow” or “Tapped” or “Blue Gold” and then speak out at the Kingston Common Council meeting on Oct. 7 at City Hall, 420 Broadway. Any water we save will be our own.

Joan Walker-Wasylyk, Woodstock

Is WiFi safe?

Can WiFi harm your child’s DNA? Will exposure to electromagnetic frequency (from cell phones, laptops, wireless routers, iPads and other WiFi devices) increase your child’s risk for leukemia, autism, ADHD, ADD and other neuro-dysfunctions?

Does WiFi increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia?

Dr. Martin Blank, Ph.D. is coming to Woodstock to answer your questions about WiFi. He has been studying the health effects of WiFi for 30 years. His new book, Overpowered, is available at the Woodstock Library.

Please mark your calendar now, and plan to join us at the Woodstock Elementary School auditorium on Friday, Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. Everyone is invited to this free event! You may submit questions for Dr. Blank to Amy at the Woodstock Library.

Our well-being and the safety of our children depend on us.

Catherine Sklarsky, Lake Hill

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  1. anon scientist

    It has been well tested an documented that wi fi can cause great damage, but only to those how actually believe it can. It operates at a frequency that resonates with signals from the central part of the brain that relates to fear and the memory of fear, the caudate nucleus which is unlike other parts of the mid brain in that it can receive signals of thoughts… other parts can only send, but cannot be controlled by the conscious brain.
    Studies using brain scans, showed that the wi fi had a pernicious effect on those people who had stated they had a fear of wi fi… subsequent work with both counseling and tranquilizers that reduced fear allowed the wi fi signal to be very strong without affect on the brain. However, increased fear of any kind, eg, from watching the news to horror movies, again caused an increase in damage.

    However, it was also found that the radiation from the A/C wiring in the house, and especially clock radios near the head, had the potential to damage irrespective of the belief of the person being studied.

    1. Deborah Rubin

      Anon scientist, will you cite the studies to which you refer?

      Because microwave radiation disrupts cell membrane function, Wifi signals can affect all parts of the body, including the brain, whether or not one is fearful. How else could we explain the effects on animals, plants, bacteria and in vitro cells?

  2. PhiLip Gurrieri

    Re: Catskill Mountain Railroad suit…
    Ken Ronk (845-728-3276)
    Kevin Roberts (845-566-7663),
    Lynn Archer (845-626-7358).

    Have one mindset; penance for the CMRR daring to question the Authority of the High Mass of sacred Tea Party ‘G0P’ Authority…
    Down with the Rail TRAIL Road by MAJ0RITY ARYAN_NATI0N V0TE…

    The $$$ the RAILR0AD brings to this 1st Empire RePublic of New Amsterdam York is Anti American… People need the BIKE TRAILS for HEALTHY WALKING without BREATHING EVIL CARB0N M0N0XIDE after being BLESSED by “God_2B_Feared” with OBESITY with CANCERS with MEANUFRACTURED SICKNESS into ARMAGEDD0N’S DEBT TransVolutionized with RAIL & TRAIL BECAUSE the WALK & BIKE TRAILS have PR0VEN to be of LITTLE BENEFIT to bringing neither CUST0MERS nor C0NSUMERS into the local business district’s…

    As the Fanatical G0P Reich proclaims that the
    LocoMotive Rail.Road BEL0NGS in the M0UNTAIN’S not amongst CIVILITY…

    While society gets educated into knowing the W0RTH of HEALTHY WALKING after TAKING THE BAIT of G0D’S BLESSINGS into SACRED SUFFERINGS until God King James NW0 of the sacred “Corporate Ghost God Person Citizenry”
    rules the County by the sacrificial LETTER 0F LAW to FULFILL CMRR BANKRUPTCY as their sacred penance…

    While IGN0RANCE 0F THE LAW is N0 EXCUSE for doing PENANCE within the sacred PRIS0N WALLS for the INN0CENCE of their GUILT in the C0RP0RATIZED G0P MEDIA where $$$ TALKS & M0THERS CHILDREN DEM0CRACY walks…

  3. Deborah M Rubin

    RF/Microwave communications were used in WWII–military radar. Study began in 1927.

    “The earliest known study of RF radiation bioeffects – Muth 1927 – shows adverse effects even at power density levels comparable to TV, FM, cell phone and wifi infrastructure. But who in the US would know this, with the media constantly urging the public to go wireless?

    “In the early 1930s, the Russians began avidly studying RF radiation..”

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