Letters (September 4-11)

mailConfront the arrogance of power

It is not every person who is brave enough to confront the arrogance of power. In this Sept. 9 Democratic Primary, Zephyr Teachout is doing that for all of us by challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the democratic nomination for governor.

Yes, some think she is tilting against windmills because the Cuomo war chest is not only well filled with tons of campaign money, but he is hubristically smug in the knowledge that he will thrash all challengers.

Yet Zephyr is taking him on. She knows that the public is justifiably angry about his handling of the Moreland Commission’s corruption investigation — stopping it when it got too close to him and his office. She knows the public is concerned about the way Cuomo pushed the casino amendment through on uninformed New Yorkers (perhaps because it was part of the source of the excess campaign funds that he has collected). She knows that the public did not appreciate his reneging on his gerrymander “clean-up” promise or the way he handled the property tax issue.


And she hopes that the people of New York will act on their dismay and have her back when she faces the power hungry machine called Andrew Cuomo. Say enough is enough; vote in the Democratic Primary on Sept. 9 for Zephyr Teachout.

Susan Puretz


Working fur free

As one of the founding members of the Woodstock Feral Cat Project, I would like to correct and clarify a statement made in a recent article.

You mentioned in the Feral Cat Project article that the village of Saugerties trustees, at their Aug. 18 meeting, “voted to hire the Woodstock Feral Cat Project” to help alleviate a feral cat situation in the village. The article states that the village “will pay the group $500 to trap the cats, transport them to the SPCA to be spayed or neutered.” I would like to point out that the $500 was paid directly to the UCSPCA for surgical costs associated with spaying and neutering 16 feral cats. The Woodstock Feral Cat Project is a volunteer not-for-profit organization and received no money from the village of Saugerties for trapping the cats or transporting them to and from the UCSPCA. We are not for hire and all expenses associated with trapping, transporting, feeding, and sheltering feral cats in Ulster County continue to be paid for through the generosity of our donors and from our fundraising efforts.

Adrienne Becker
Woodstock Feral Cat Project


Tour de force

The 12th annual Saugerties Artists’ Studio Tour, August 8-10, was a huge success. Attendance and spirits were high and we, the artists who proudly call Saugerties home, have much to be grateful for. This showcase event is evidence of what can be achieved when artists, with support from the community, local government, businesses and the press can achieve.

On behalf of myself and all the artists who participated in the tour, we would like to thank: Supervisor Greg Helsmoortel and the Saugerties Town Board for their support, Kiwanis Club of Saugerties, Mery Rosado of Café Mezzaluna, Will Dendis and Saugerties Times, Julie O’Connor of Almanac Weekly, the Saugerties Post Star, Doug Short and cable tv channel YNN, WKZE Radio especially Rita Ryan, Polly M. Law – webmistress and graphic designer, Art Along The Hudson, Lighthouse TV23, Marge Block and The Saugerties Historical Society, Ulster County Tourism, Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley and Arts Mid-Hudson. Also, our tour map advertisers and Saugerties village businesses that graciously allowed us to show our work in their windows and their help to distribute tour maps. Special thanks to: Tad and Pat Richards of Opus 40 for hosting a fabulous Gallery Show and Artists’ Reception, and our families, friends and supporters, who are too numerous to mention who help us make the tour an outstanding celebration of the arts. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

Barbara Bravo
Coordinator, Saugerties Artists Studio Tour


Successful helmet drop

This is a letter of appreciation is for the members of American Legion Post #72, Sons of the American Legion Squadron #72 and the Ladies Auxiliary of Post #72 who gave up their time and with great effort participated in our annual “helmet drop” to attain badly needed funds for our post. The following members are to be commended who participated in the gathering, counting and providing sustenance for our members. Also an appreciation for the town and village of Saugerties for allowing us time and space for our annual helmet drop and a “thank you” to all that gave.

American Legion Post #72 members, on 212 and 9W and counters at post: Alan J. Greczynski, Commander Post # 72, Kevin Burgher, Ben Carrus, Bob Chappelle, coordinator of the drop, Ben Cornish, Bruce Meservey, Rich Overbaugh, Paul Pysher, Bob Siracusano, Tom Speirs, Kevin Umhey, Warren Whitaker.

Counting and support: Joe Font, Vince Buono, Jim Gage.

Ladies Auxiliary: Carolyn Maines , President Ladies Auxiliary, drop & counting room; Holly Myers, county president; counter Nancy Speirs; counter Gail Chappelle, counter Donna O’ Rouke.

Lunches and support:  Sons of American Legion Squadron #72, Greg Chorvas, Sal Cavaller.

All of these groups have participated for the good of the American Legion.

Alan J. Greczynski
Commander, Lamouree-Hackett Post #72  

Bob Chappelle
Chair, Helmet Drop Committee