Slow-down signs stolen from Bishop’s Gate

(Photo by Will Dendis)

(Photo by Will Dendis)

Was it a gang of aesthetes? Guilty speeders who didn’t want to be reprimanded?

It’s too soon to tell. What we do know is that residents of Bishop’s Gate, who have been working together and with the Town Board to control speeding in the development, woke on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 2, to find that lawn signs urging motorists to slow down had been stolen from many properties. In total, 39 of the 40 signs were taken from lawns.

The signs were so popular with residents that, according to homeowner Allison Boek, “we didn’t order enough. Many more people wanted them. We were going to place a second order once we got a total head count.” She says, too, they seemed to be doing their intended job.


Still, there are those in the subdivision who are not fans of the signs. According to Boek, some residents have called them ugly and tacky, and have referred to them as “eye pollution.”

Disappointed but undeterred, residents plan to continue their fight and, depending on the decision of their Slow Down Committee, may erect a new batch of signs.