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  1. Janice Bennett

    I didn’t get it on my cell phone because I had it turned off (my Fault) and I heard about it when I went downstairs in my apartment complex. I had my computer on and was on facebook. I was out of town all day and when I returned the alert was not yet over so I boiled water that night and the next day until someone bought me a gallon of bottled water at about 2pm and then someone told me it was over at about 3pm so I turned on channel 6 and nothing was said for an hr.
    I never got the info on my cell phone that the alert was over.

  2. comfy chair

    There is the telephone, there is the police and fire and health depts… none of the information put out by the city was “delivered” to the citizens… it was all just “put out there”… you absolutely know that that is not adequate.

  3. hokeystuff

    Has anyone identified what are ‘best practices’ that other cities are doing for notifications of this sort?

  4. Karen

    When the alert came on my phone (because I’m signed up for them; many people are not) I didn’t get it until I was at work because I had it turned off. I also didn’t get info on when the alert was over on my phone. If this was something that seriously could have affected my health, it should have been on all radio stations just like snow closings are. This was handled poorly.

  5. John Garesche

    I heard about it from friends – not the city. The city needs to develop a better method for notification.

  6. Elizabeth Jackson

    I found out about it from my neighbor Friday morning. I am taking care of my grandchildren this summer and they were drinking water Thursday night and Friday morning. ALL of us had horrible stomach cramps and head aches. We were still boiling water for dinner on Saturday night. Sunday morning turned on RNN, after 30 minutes of watching it, and hearing nothing about the water problem, (they talk mostly about sports) I turned it off and decided to call the water dept. I was relived that the restriction was over, but upset that I went through all of that extra work boiling water to cook and prepare dinner Saturday night, for 9 people, only to find out on Sunday morning that the restriction was lifted Saturday afternoon at 3:30 pm. EVERYONE does not do Facebook. This was handled very poorly. Better systems need to be put in place.

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