Town wants to finish water meter installation in Glasco

(Photo by Mookie Forcella)

(Photo by Mookie Forcella)

In 2013 the Town Board authorized the purchase of new meters for the Glasco Water District. The intent is to bring the district in compliance with new USEPA standards regarding lead content in water systems. The existing meters have a lead content that exceeds the 2014 EPA standards. Therefore, the meters must be taken out of service if they fail or require repair. The Town Board made a proactive decision to upgrade to lead-free meters utilizing available grant money to help defray the cost of replacement.

In addition to meeting lead-free standards, the chosen Sensus meters employ an Automatic Meter Reading System that uses a radio signal to transmit meter readings to a district vehicle. This system greatly reduces the time it takes town employees to read the meters throughout the district. The same technology is presently in use in many nearby communities.

Unfortunately, there has been much misinformation generated about the safety of the new meters relative to the radio frequency. Much of this concern is drawn from comparisons to “smart” electric meters that transmit almost continuous signals. The Sensus meters transmit only when triggered by the remote reading device to obtain meter readings, currently twice per year. The radio frequency is not harmful and is comparable to cell phones, garage door openers, vehicle key fobs, cordless phones and Wi-Fi networks. The Sensus meters are in full compliance with all FCC regulations regarding radio frequency.


In summary, the new meters eliminate concerns raised about lead content in municipal drinking water systems and bring the Glasco Water District in compliance with current EPA standards. The new meters are lead-free and safe. Additionally, the new meters are anticipated to maintain a high level of accuracy over their lifespan, ensuring equality of billing throughout the district.

More information is available to anyone who wants it and it can be found at Town Hall.

At this time installations are approximately 70 percent complete. The Town Board urges anyone within the Glasco Water District who has not received a meter upgrade to do so as soon as conveniently possible.

Please contact the Town of Saugerties Water/Sewer Department at (845) 246-8671 to schedule your meter replacement.

Your anticipated cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

-Submitted by the Town Board