Elting Library in New Paltz to host event recognizing Carol Roper and Mike Beck

Mike Beck and Carol Roper. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Mike Beck and Carol Roper. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Elting Memorial Library’s “Evening Under the Stars” will highlight the work of two local citizens — namely Carol Roper and Mike Beck — who’ve both worked to support the library and make New Paltz a better place.

Roper is a former town supervisor, who continues to stay active as a civic volunteer. Beck, the owner of P&G’s Restaurant, routinely contributes to events taking place in town.

“We wanted to select people to honor who truly exemplify this ethic of service and of community,” explained Richard Heyl de Ortiz, the Elting Library Board president. “Carol has given has so much to New Paltz — service to the library, to our town government and our cemetery are just a few of the ways she has given.


“In choosing honorees, we also wanted to acknowledge the contribution of our businesses, who help make New Paltz the unique place it is. Mike’s name came immediately to the fore. He is a generous supporter of our community and his business, P&G’s, is — like Elting — an anchor that makes our downtown what it is.”

Elting Library has previously held spring fundraisers. However, Saturday, June 7’s “Evening Under the Stars” will be a first.

Part of the reason the library wanted to move the fundraiser outside was to highlight the Vera Rushforth Courtyard Garden. Food is being provided by the Village Tea Room, and wines will come courtesy of Fox & Hound Wine and Spirits.

Despite a lot of annual support from taxpayers, the library only collects about three-quarters of what they need for day-to-day operations. They’re approximately $122,000 short each year. They make up for that by raising money at special events — like the library fair and “Evening Under the Stars” — and seeking donations.

Heyl de Ortiz said he believes Elting holds a key place in New Paltz life — now more than ever.

“As with any place, New Paltz evolves and changes. There are, however, touchstones that anchor our community. The library is one of those places,” he said. “Elting is solidly at the heart of New Paltz. A public library such as ours is all our service to the community.”

Tickets for “Evening Under the Stars” cost $75 per person. Proceeds directly help fund the library. You can register for the event by visiting www.eltinglibrary.org, or you can call 255-5030 and ask for Bebhinn Dungan.