Undercover cops to ticket crosswalk scofflaws

(Photo by Will Dendis)

(Photo by Will Dendis)

Did you know pedestrians always have the right-of-way in a crosswalk, even when the motorist has the green light?

Beginning May 26, motorists who don’t yield for pedestrians will be ticketed, said Police Chief Joe Sinagra. Fines run up to $150. As part of the enforcement effort, undercover police officers will play the part of pedestrians.

Phase II — ticketing jaywalkers — will begin in July.


For the last two months, police have been issuing “palm cards” to motorists that fail to stop for pedestrians and to pedestrians that jaywalk, explaining that these are ticketable offenses, and hanging posters around the village with an explanation of relevant laws under the headline “See, Be Seen.”

The effort follows a fatal accident in January and numerous close-calls between pedestrians and vehicles last year.