Snowy owl is spotted in Gardiner

(Photo by David Warg)

(Photo by David Warg)

Avid nature photographer David Warg was driving in an industrial area in Gardiner recently when he spotted a snowy owl sitting on a stump. “At first I thought it was a lawn decoration someone put in the woods as a joke,” said Warg. “But as I backed up and stopped, it moved its head.”

Warg immediately jumped out of his vehicle, walked towards the owl, and much to his surprise the owl gave him a few seconds to shoot some pictures before flying away.

“I have found it to be one of the most exciting moments as a hobbyist photographer,” said Warg. “And one I don’t think will be repeated anytime soon, as I have been back every day to the same spot with no luck at seeing the owl again.”


Additional photos of the snowy owl and other pictures by Warg can be found at

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  1. Rick Ness

    My in-laws spotted a Snowy Owl in the woods behind our houses on Picnic Woods Road. I think that was last winter or early spring. I read that as the population increases in the Arctic the juviniles get pushed out of the area and can move far south including our area. I’d love to just see one. To get to photograph one so closely is awesome.

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