Astrology and romance at the Saugerties library

Marian Tortorella

Marian Tortorella

Think of the way couples meet. A man and woman hit it off at a concert they found themselves attending with a mutual friend; a concert by a band that came together 20 years before, after its lead singer met the rest of the band at art school, which he transferred to following the death of his domineering surgeon father (who pressured him to study medicine) in a plane crash caused by a goose caught in the engine– a goose that had been resting peacefully until a young boy – angry that his mother wouldn’t let him see Pulp Fiction – walked out into the yard and pelted the goose with a rock in pond near the airport. So if that boy’s mother had let him watch that Quentin Tarantino movie, that man and woman never would have met 20 years later– a meeting that changed both their lives forever.

When you think about it that way, it’s easy to see why in matters of love, a belief in fate is common.

No doubt this will be on the minds of those interested in attending tomorrow’s free astrology lecture at the Saugerties Public Library, given by astrologer Marian Tortorella at 6 p.m.


“Our talk will be about the mystery of ‘how and why’ some of us fall head over heels in love with a particular person and some do not,” promises the event notice.

The lecture will include information on sun signs and the chemistry needed to “create that spark for a long-lasting love.” Tortorella will explain how to find compatibility through consulting one another’s charts, a specialized area of astrology called synastry. This can show why two people who shouldn’t get along according to a perfunctary glance at their signs actually do. She’ll also take a peek at the synastry charts of some celebrities.

Marian Tortorella is a local astrologer who has practiced for over 35 years.

The Saugerties Library is located at 91 Washington Ave. The lecture will run from 6-7 p.m., Monday Feb. 10.