Saugerties agrees to provide water for big summer concert

winston HZTWinston Farm festival promoters can check another item off their to-do list – they have a source of potable water.

Speaking at the Jan. 21 Village Board meeting, Mayor William Murphy and village Water Department Superintendent Michael Hopf said they have agreed to provide up to 50,000 gallons of water per day for the July 11-13 Hudson Project Music and Arts Festival event. The smaller One Love yoga festival scheduled for the following month was not mentioned.

One of the requirements set down by the town Planning Board when it recommended approval for the music festival, which is expected to draw between 20,000-30,000 attendees, is a source of potable water, said Mayor Bill Murphy. Ulster County and the state are also requiring a water source before giving approvals.


Hopf said concert promoter MCP Productions and the family that owns Winston Farm were considering either constructing a water storage container on the site or digging a well and tapping into an aquifer on the property.

But town, county and state officials told them they needed a backup source. With the village agreeing to provide water, those other plans will not be needed, Hopf said.

Plans now call for a fire hydrant to be installed along Rt. 212, where one of the village water department’s main lines runs. A water meter will be installed at the hydrant and piping and plumbing will be run up the hill and into the concert site.

The promoter will be billed at the out-of-village water user rate of $6.36 per $1,000 gallons, Murphy said.

When Woodstock ’94 was held on the farm, organizers did not use village water. “I’m not sure they needed much water because of all the rain,” Murphy joked.

The mayor added that the village water department will probably provide water for a total of five days; one day before the event for set-up and a day after for clean-up.

Water is needed for drinking purposes as well as for cooking and portable showers and restroom facilities that will be set up on site.

Called the Hudson Project Music and Arts Festival, promoters have promised an eclectic collection of bands and musical genres.

One other concern about the dates for the festival has been worked out. The annual Sawyer Motors Car Show was scheduled to happen that weekend as well, but has now been bumped up one week to July 6, according to trustees and Sawyer Motors.