A public restroom for the village center

The design under consideration

The design under consideration

The Village Board seems poised to pull the trigger on something many tourists and shopkeepers have long desired: a permanent public restroom.

The likely choice appears to be a $13,000 unit from a company called Brick Tavern. The location would be behind the new Mirabella’s, adjacent to the municipal parking lot on Partition St.

Such a restroom would save tourists and shoppers from the requirement (real or implied) to purchase items or food to use the bathroom, and business owners from the burden of providing this service.


Trustee Jeannine Mayer said the village would need to purchase and install the plumbing, “but members of the Saugerties Area Chamber of Commerce, which supports a municipal restroom, may help out.”

In addition, the village would also have to hire a large crane to lift the restroom off a flatbed trailer, Mayer said.

The owner of the Hudson-based Brick Tavern Cement Products has been asked to attend the Nov. 18 meeting to discuss his pre-cast cement restroom.

Trustees said if all goes according to plan, the restroom will be operational in time for the spring tourist season.