New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce releases community gift card

NP Gift Card HZTThis January, the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce will unveil the New Paltz Regional Gift Card, a form of local currency designed to encourage consumers to support local business. Redeemable exclusively at New Paltz chamber member merchants, the gift card allows recipients to make cash-free transactions at lodges, restaurants, retail shops, for services and at Chamber functions.

The New Paltz Regional Gift Card will appeal to a wide audience, including New Paltz residents, SUNY New Paltz students and seasonal tourists. Business owners can distribute gift cards as holiday gifts, benefits or bonuses, while parents can purchase and refill cards for SUNY students to eliminate the risk of carrying cash.

Starting immediately, Chamber members are invited to participate as merchants for little or no cost. Gift cards will be for sale and redeemable at these businesses. Interested parties may contact the Chamber at 255-0243 or Rittenhouse Payments partner Andy Perry at 418-7992.