Letter: Myer has proven ability

Doug Myer (photo by Will Dendis)

Doug Myer (photo by Will Dendis)

As the campaign closes, it’s time to begin sorting through all the propaganda candidates have presented. We have been bombarded with promises of a better future, I can do this or I can do that once in office. I will make changes, changes for the better. Although many dreams surface whenever it’s time to vote for new leaders, solutions to these promises never seem to follow, and the voter is left wondering: “Should I vote for the unknown?”

This candidate promises nothing more than what can truly be delivered. I have kept your Highway Department budgets steady with no increases since taking office. Our FEMA projects are praised by all and we are $1.4 million under budget. We have been approved for 100 percent reimbursement on all FEMA projects. I have increased the Highway Department fund balance by over $600,000 for future equipment purchases or funding for emergencies as they present themselves. The NYSDOT CHIPS allotment for the town is up by 29 percent since I took office. My lists of accomplishments are numerous and they are something I am very proud of.

On Nov. 5 you will be asked to vote for whom you feel is most qualified to fill the position of Highway Superintendent. I believe my record of accomplishments is a promise well kept. It has been my privilege to serve the wonderful taxpayers in the town of Saugerties for the past two years and it would be my honor to represent you for another term. I humbly ask for your support, and when re-elected you will find me, as always, out on the road ahead of the curve in every storm.


“Together we will make a difference.”

Thank you and God Bless.

Douglas F.  Myer

Superintendent of highways


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