Letters: 10/24-31

Walter committed to justice and fairness

I write to offer my strong support for Lanny Walter, a candidate for Saugerties town justice. I wish I lived in Saugerties and could vote for him, as I believe Lanny will be an outstanding town justice. I worked with Lanny in Albany for 25 years as his partner in a small law-firm. Twenty-five years is a significant period of time, long enough to really get to know a person. I know from the experience of working with Lanny that he has a deep commitment to justice and fairness. I also know that Lanny is an outstanding lawyer. The people of Saugerties are lucky to have the opportunity to elect a town justice who has demonstrated throughout his long legal career a sincere dedication to justice.

Mark S. Mishler



Walter has skills and dedication

I would like to encourage strong support for Lanny Walter, a candidate for the position of Saugerties Town Justice on Nov. 5.

I have known Lanny for over 20 years, initially during a wide, grass roots effort to keep our beautiful Winston Farm free of a county garbage dump. Lanny worked tirelessly for this effort alongside many dedicated community members and officials.


Following the success story of the Winston Farm, I worked with Lanny as a member of the Saugerties Central School District Board of Education. I have always been impressed with Lanny’s knowledge, compassion and high degree of ethics.

Lanny served as Saugerties Central School District Board of Education President, during a time when he truly had to be a very skilled consensus builder.

Lanny also served a number of years as an Ulster County BOCES Board of education member where he contributed talent, knowledge and compassion on behalf of BOCES students from Ulster County.

Saugerties has been very fortunate to have had many skilled and compassionate leaders over the years and I encourage voters to add the name of Lanny Walter to the list by casting your vote for him on Nov. 5.

High integrity, ethics, compassion and knowledge are the necessary ingredients for all elected representatives across our great nation, and of course right here in the special town of Saugerties.

Florence Hyatt



Pride of Saugerties

Saugerties’ greatest warrior was honored with the naming of the Saugerties Town Hall in his honor. The ceremony for the actual naming was handled with great professionalism by Jimmy Bruno and Kelly Myers. Behind the scenes, Greg Chorvas, who was responsible for the sign honoring Col. Roger H. Donlon, did a wonderful job. The day itself was a typical cool day and although it threatened rain it never happened. Kelly Myers MC’d the event and did a fabulous job recognizing some of the exploits that earned Roger the country’s highest honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Kelly was visibly shaken when she realized not too many survive what Roger went through. The crowd reacted with awe to Kelly’s remarks and another great reason to be a Saugertiesian. Kelly introduced Roger’s wife Norma and brothers Paul and Jack who were in attendance. She then turned things over to Roger.

Roger spoke of his love of Saugerties and his philosophy for a successful life. Those who met Roger for the first time couldn’t believe the calm demeanor of a man who as a young Army captain looked death in the eye, survived and showed more concern for the men under his command rather than himself.

Roger’s priorities have always been family first and his wife Norma will attest to this. His church is next on the list and he speaks of this with great pride. Roger’s love of country goes without saying. Being a recipient of the country’s highest honor is a testament to this. To know Roger and his wife Norma is to know two of the most wonderful people God has ever put on this earth.

Vincent Hackett



Tragedy highlights needs for complete streets

Last Monday, October 14, a 19-year-old male cyclist riding southbound in the evening dark on Route 32 was struck by a motorist and died. Apparently he was run over several times, including by a friend who stopped and called 911. Apparently the cyclist, not wearing an orange vest or displaying lights, was attempting to make a left turn from the middle of the road, thus contributing to his demise.

This tragedy sharpens the need to address the implementation of the state’s Complete Streets Policy to provide roads which are safe for pedestrians and cyclists as well as drivers of automobiles. There has been no evidence since Gov. Cuomo announced the new policy of any attempt by the state or county departments of transportation to implement this policy by striping roads, providing colored paved shoulders appropriate signage. In fact one of the town’s candidates for Supervisor, Gaetana Ciarlante, has actively opposed making our roads safer for those of us walking and riding bicycles. Those of us who choose to ride and walk for pleasure, convenience, health or necessity should not face unnecessary risk because of the refusal to recognize our rights to freely and safely move on our public streets.

Barry Benepe