Letters: 10/24-31

Happy to vote for Chris Allen

I am so happy to write this letter! When the Allen family moved in across the street from us on Mountain View Ave. in Simmons Park in Saugerties years and years ago. I was really happy especially because they had two adorable children. Little did I know that one day I’d be writing a political letter for Chris Allen, all grown up and representing Dist. 2 Barclay Heights and the village of Saugerties and Malden. “The best is yet to come and won’t that be fine” —“Working with their public servants on the local and state level to important well constructed ideas to bring economic development to Kings Highway, Winston Farm and other parts of Saugerties, a concert venue, foreign companies and drug companies should be targeted. I will fight for the Esopus Creek and never let anyone but my constituents tell me how to vote!” That’s my man! That little boy who came with his family years ago and came back to care for his father who sadly died last week. Chris loves Saugerties just as we all do. I’m so happy to be here to vote for Chris on Nov. 5 and hope and pray you all “do it” too.

Joan Keefe



Murphy will invigorate legislature

Attention registered Democrats and registered not-enrolled-in-any-party voters who live in Saugerties District 1. On Nov. 5 you can change the face of our Ulster County Legislature just by getting out to vote!

District 1 in Saugerties encompasses the northwest area of the Town of Saugerties including the hamlets of West Camp, Asbury, Saxon, Blue Mountain, Centerville, Veteran, High Woods, Quarryville, a portion of Malden and West Saugerties; virtually every hamlet west of the Thruway to Woodstock and the Greene County boarder.


There are 1,532 registered Democrats and 1,484 registered non-enrolled voters out of 4,805 voters. If these voters come out to vote they can control the election, do the math.

Yes this is an “off” year. And yes there is no presidential or governor race. However there is the vote on casinos and the opportunity to change our lackluster do-nothing legislature into a governing body we can all be proud of.

Right now the legislature is controlled by Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party people, the same configuration that has stalled and shut down Washington. They have passed only two laws in 2013 and three in 2012 while amending seven previous laws. It is the most non-functioning legislative body in Ulster County’s history and you can change that if you just come out and vote for Beth Murphy on Nov. 5. All it will take is one person to shift the majority in our legislature, and Beth can be that person.

If you are not going to be here get an absentee ballot and vote.

These local elections effect us more than the big national ones. If you want to see Ulster County and specifically Saugerties grow and prosper you need to vote!

Barry Kerr



Aiello really represents us

It is that time again to make a choice on Nov. 5— Election Day!

Let your choice be for a candidate with roots in our community. Let your choice be for a candidate who represents the people of our District II with pride, experience, knowledge and integrity! Let us as voters stand behind a candidate who has dedicated himself to our community—his outstanding achievements big and small. He worked diligently to create the Ulster County Lyme Disease Advisory Committee to inform and protect our community from the rising risk of this disease in Ulster County. He has helped individual people of our community with their needs—like acquiring a handicap parking space for a handicapped member of our community.

Republican Robert Aiello is our leader for County Legislature District 2 seat! Let him lead in our battle to keep our community a healthy, safe and prosperous place to live and raise our families!

Maria Ruffner



Row C will make the right choices

In two weeks the voters of Saugerties will go to the polls and select the leaders that will lead Saugerties into the future. Make no mistake: these are difficult times and we must all make difficult choices. Think about the future and think about the future you will be making for your children and your community.

Saugerties is rich in culture, history and natural beauty. It is however a community that has all the same issues as others.

Again when choosing make the right choices. The answer to those issues is make both an informed selection and the one that will protect and enrich your community.

The Conservative Party has put forth this team for Saugerties and for the people who call it home. Dedicated yes. Committed yes. They are your neighbors and friends, stepping up for you. Step up for them too on Nov. 5, and bring your other friends and neighbors.

Ed Gaddy

Chair, Ulster County Conservative Party


Let common sense prevail

As we enter the final weeks of what has been an entertaining campaign season, where digging through the enigma of editorial statements in search of actual facts proved more challenging than finding life in outer space.

Please remember that repeating the same action as we have in the past will give us the same results. And we need a change for the better with elected officials that take into consideration the burden of taxes on each of us. Responsible government starts here. We cannot run our houses by demanding our employers pay us more salary.

We cannot print more money when we need it. Our representatives continue to spend and borrow like there is an endless supply of revenue, but there isn’t. It has to stop now and Saugerties is a good place to begin.

The current town board majority has not acted in our favor. It has been business as usual as they continue to raise our taxes each year without any consideration for the people that elected them.

The attempts at positive results from Kelly Myers and Jimmy Bruno goes frequently without notice as they are overruled by the self serving majority.

It is time to correct this and choose a team that actually cares about the residents first and foremost. When we join Kelly Myer, Jimmy Bruno and Bill Schirmer we will have a majority of common sense and fiscal responsibility.

David DeForest