Letter: While others sling mud, Myers works for taxpayers

Supervisor Kelly Myers

Supervisor Kelly Myers

The negative campaigning by Gaetana Ciarlante will hopefully end soon. She has attacked me, my son and my wife Kelly Myers and has even made personal comments about my home.

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The fact that she has scared so many people about the new water meters that are being replaced in the town of Saugerties is criminal. The meters are being replaced because they contain lead. Replacement cost is being shared with the Federal Government who is paying more than half the expense. She has convinced some people that they are going to die after the new water meter is installed.

Gaetana is loud, arrogant and mean-spirited. She makes up facts for every issue she wants to exploit. Just because she is loud and mean-spirited doesn’t mean that she is right. Do we really want a proud Tea Party Activist to represent us? She claims that she wants to reduce our taxes but is critical of my wife, Supervisor Kelly Myers, for actually reducing our property tax.


We don’t need puppet master George Heidcamp running our Town Board, it’s bad enough that he is on the School Board.

Letter: Heidcamp denies he urged Ciarlante to run

Kelly Myers has kept all her promises and works to reduce our tax burden. Kelly is a hard worker and independent thinker who is not controlled by any political party. Every vote for Gaetana, out of loyalty or pity, is a vote for Greg Helsmoortel because Gaetana can’t win— and she knows it. Mr. Heidcamp only chose Gaetana to run against Kelly because he wants to get back at Kelly Myers for publically calling him out as a bully and not supporting Mr. Heidcamp’s multiple lawsuits against his neighbor Derek Winnie that cost our town thousands of taxpayer dollars to prosecute and lose.

Please vote for Kelly Myers who is running on the proposition that we must reduce our town taxes while maintaining all of the services that our residents require.

Will Myers


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